The Persecution of Ms. Han Lianfeng, Zhao Suhong and Zhao Suyan from Shouguang City, Shandong Province

The following lists only a few examples of the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners under Shouguang City Domestic Security Division deputy head Guo Hongtang.

Guo Hongtang, along with Wang Wanchun and about twenty officers from the Domestic Security Division, broke into a hotel room in Taitou Town, Shouguang City at 11:00 a.m. on May 23rd, 2008, where Ms. Han Lianfeng, Mr. Zhang Zhaoyu and his wife were temporarily staying. The police arrested Mr. Zhang. Ms. Han and Mr. Zhang's wife escaped, but Mr. Zhang's wife was later arrested.

About ten minutes after the arrest, police chased Ms. Han along the street. She was caught, and police handcuffed her hands behind her back and took her to the Taitou Town Police Station. Domestic Security officer Wang Wanchun demanded to know her name, but Ms. Han refused to tell him. Wang slapped Ms. Han's face numerous times. They eventually confiscated Ms. Han's personal belongings, including a computer, printer, recording machine, all-in-one copy machine, Falun Gong materials, plus 3,000 yuan1 in cash. The captors also took three motorised bicycles and one motorised tricycle.

That evening at about 8:00 p.m., Ms. Han was sent to the Shengcheng Police Station in Shouguang City. During the following week she was handcuffed, shackled, brutally beaten, and deprived of sleep. She was made to sit on the floor, with her legs straight. A police officer took a wood pole about three inches in diameter, and put it on her legs. Wang Wanchun fiercely threatened Ms. Han, "If you don't answer us, we'll roll your intestines and heart out from your mouth with this pole." Ms. Han still did not submit to the police, but instead clarified the facts about Falun Gong to them. They refused to listen however, and continued interrogating and threatening her. Ms. Han finally said, "Since you don't want to listen to the truth, go ahead and roll the pole on me. If you want to roll it on the front of my body, I'll lie on my back. If you want to roll it on my back, I'll turn around." Seeing that Ms. Han not only refused to tell them what they wanted to know but also was not the least bit afraid, they removed the pole from her legs.

Following a week-long torture session at the Shengcheng Police Station, Ms. Han was transferred to Shouguang City Detention Centre. Two days after her arrival, Domestic Security Team agents went to the detention centre to interrogate her. She was restrained on a metal chair and forced to confess. Groups of officers took turns interrogating her around the clock for five days, and she was deprived of sleep. Agent Sun Chenliang used a metal pipe to hit her shoulders and back. He also punched her in the face. Another agent, Li Ruyuan, hit Ms. Han's back with his fists. Her face became bruised, her hair messed up, and her arms and back were bruised.

A few days later, on the afternoon of May 24th, 2008, while sisters Zhao Suhong and Zhao Suyan took a nap in their rental house on Shengcheng Street, Shouguang City, Guo Hongtang, the Domestic Security Team deputy head brought a gang of policemen to the house. They climbed over the courtyard wall, arrested both of them, and stole their belongings. The invaders not only took the sisters' mobile phones, a printer, computer, engraving machine and Falun Gong books, they also took 7,000 yuan in cash. They even confiscated the electric tricycle the sisters depended on for their business. While the thugs were ransacking the house, one officer hinted to another that he could put items that he found in his pocket, and not tell anyone about it.

The two sisters were transported to the Shouguang City Industrial District Police Station. The third daughter in their family, Zhao Chunping (also a practitioner), later went to the station to ask for their release, but she was arrested and her house was ransacked as well. The police even took the key to her house. The rented house belonged to another practitioner's mother, Ms. Huang Caihua, who went to the police station to get the key back. But instead of returning the key to her, the agents went to Ms. Huang's house and ransacked it, too.

The police handcuffed Ms. Zhao Suhong, Zhao Suyan, Zhao Chunping and Huang Caihua separately. One officer slapped Zhao Chunping's face forcefully. Following that abuse, Ms. Zhao lost her hearing for a time.

Police officers tortured Zhao Suhong and Zhao Suyan even more brutally. They kicked Suyan's knees, legs and feet with force, causing bruising and swelling. She limped for a long time afterward.

On the evening of May 28th, 2008, two agents were watching the two sisters. One of the officer's names is Wang Zhiwei. Knowing that the two sisters were single, he began using vulgar and filthy language to verbally abuse the two sisters. It is not clear what the two police officers did to them, but after that night, whenever they came across the two sisters the depraved agents dared not look them in the eyes.

Following a week of tortures, the two sisters were transferred to the Shouguang City Detention Centre, where they were held for a long time. Ms. Zhao Suhong was interrogated almost daily, and sometimes twice daily.

A head guard once said to Suyan, "You claimed that you were raped, but who said it? Who saw it?" It appeared that the two police officers probably told the head something about that night, before the head heard it from anyone else, so that they could possibly avoid being held responsible for their evil conduct.

The detention centre had only two cells for women at the time. Suhong and Suyan were locked up separately. At Zhao Chunping's transfer to the centre, she was first in the same cell with Suhong but was soon moved into the cell with Suyan. Ms. Zhao Chunping went to the detention centre to get her sisters released. However, instead of being released, she was detained for a month and then subjected to forced labour for a year afterwards.

Police officers who participated in the persecution of these practitioners:
Domestic Security Team head Li Qingping
Deputy heads Guo Hongtang and Sun Chenliang
Police officers Liu Zhushen and Li Ruyuan
Shencheng Police Station agent with badge number 100295
Industrial District Police Station head Chen Hu


1. "Yuan" is the Chinese currency; 500 yuan is equal to the average monthly income of an urban worker in China.

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