Chinese in Germany: "I felt the power of compassion"

On the evening of February 21, 2009, in the Hall of the Century, Frankfurt, the Shen Yun Divine Performing Arts company took the audience on a journey back to ancient times.

An overseas student from mainland China: "I have felt the power of compassion"

After seeing the performances, Yao Tong, a student from mainland China who studies engineering in Germany, sighed, "I am very moved! What all these performances are manifesting is the Chinese traditional culture. At the same time, they are really demonstrating Falun Gong's principles of cultivation, which is stirring." He said that he was moved by the power of compassion from these performances, "Because what they (artists from Shen Yun) represent is compassion with a just state of mind. In this persecution, all methods the Chinese government uses are inhuman indeed. And who it is ill-treating are a group of very kind people. I think that all those who have a conscience have felt the power of compassion from these performances and can realize the evilness of the persecution by the CCP."

Before the performances, the CCP had coerced student unions in Hessen, Germany, telling the Chinese students not to see the performances given by Divine Performing Arts. Yao Tong did not pay attention to the prohibition. Together with his girlfriend who has not been here long, he went and saw the performances. He told the reporter that he hoped that the persecution of Falun Gong, which has lasted for a long time, could end. For many Chinese overseas students who did not dare to see the show because of the coercion from the Chinese Consulate, Yao Tong felt very sorry, "I hope that more Chinese people will have opportunities to become aware of the persecution. I hope that the performances can awaken the conscience of even more people, and let more Chinese people know what is true and what is false. Only by knowing the facts can they see through the lies."

Tang Xu, Yao Tong's girlfriend who has been in Germany for less than a year, is studying law at the moment. "I have never taken interest in Spring Festival performances but the performances we have seen tonight are very good, and we have found the show by Shen Yun Divine Performing Arts fresh and new! The basic skills of the dancers are excellent." Tang Xue expressed that she could feel the sympathetic response of the audience from their applause.

An overseas student who specializes in music: I hope that there will be more performances in the world given by Shen Yun Divine Performing Arts

Miss Peng is now studying music in Germany. She has had professional training on the erhu for ten years. "Hope", the erhu solo played by Qi Xiaocun left a deep impression on her: "Her erhu performance is very good; not only the melody composed, but also her skill on the erhu have both reached a very high standard. All of the music composed by Shen Yun is very good as well."

For the combination of both Chinese and Western traditional instruments used by the Shen Yun Orchestra, Miss Peng was also highly appreciative, "I think it very good. It is a unique creation and a different combination. (Such a combination of both Chinese and Western Symphony) and its future development will bring traditional musical instruments to the world stage. Especially when I am overseas, I feel very happy to see that so many western audiences love Shen Yun Divine Performing Arts. This sort of art is well worth promoting all over the world!"

From a professional artistic point of view, Miss Peng thought that every aspect of Shen Yun was well worth recommending, "Including the composition, the connection of the adagio and allegro, every aspect is very good. The basic skills of dancers are so good and solid. They are very attractive and hold attention when the audience is watching. I very much like the performance "The Udumbara's Bloom" because its music is very appealing. Both the dance movements and costumes are very beautiful. And the formations of the dance and choreography are also very good."

Miss Peng, who has been studying music for eight semesters, thinks the Shen Yun Tour should be given great support so that the Chinese traditional culture, which has been destroyed by the CCP, can be restored. "I hope there will be even more such performances. This can promote the Chinese culture all over the world, including the Chinese traditional and classical music, dancing arts and even traditional costumes."

Ms. Huang: I feel the harmony between human beings and nature

Together with her family members, Ms. Huang from Hubei Province, China saw the show. She thought that every performance was very good including costumes, music and the backdrop of the stage. The performance "Heaven Awaits Us Despite Persecution" left a very deep impression on her. She said that she liked the performance even though she herself was not a Falun Gong practitioner.

Ms. Huang still added, "The performances by Shen Yun Divine Performing Arts emphasize the harmony between human beings and nature. It is because I believe in God that these performances are touching my heart. Our Chinese culture firstly teaches people to become divine beings through cultivation. I think that the world will be in chaos if this law is broken."

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