Germany: The Divine Performing Arts European Tour China’s Traditional Culture

On Feb 21st 2009, The Divine Performing Arts troupe began its European tour in Frankfurt. The Jahrhunderthalle in Frankfurt was packed with people. A teacher, Ms Korlek, who came to watch the show with her boyfriend, said that she won the tickets in a newspaper raffle.

The CCP’s interruption to DPA shows encouraged more people to see the shows. Some audience members said that right after they saw news about the CCP suppressing the DPA's show, they decided to see it.

The chief delegation of Morocco Consulate: wish the DPA show would on in all countries around the world

The Morocco Consulate chief delegation Mr Fathallah Bencherif and his family

The Morocco Consulate chief delegation Mr Fathallah Bencherif, together with his wife and three children, came to see the DPA’s first show in Frankfurt. He thought this show allowed people to see Chinese traditional values. All of his family members were very fond of the show.

When he heard that before the show the CCP’s Frankfurt Consulate sent letters to politicians in Frankfurt, slandering DPA and “reminding” them not to go see the DPA shows, and that the CCP’s Consulate also warned Chinese students not to go, he said, “This is art. Art should be open to all people no matter what kind of politics it is. Everybody can express his or her feeling through art”. “I think no politics was included in this artistic show. What I saw tonight is Chinese culture”. He thought it is very important to let all the Chinese people decide themselves whether or not come to see the show, because art has no state boundary and there is no difference between nationalities in it”

Mr Bencherif thought that DPA demonstrated the China’s lost traditional culture. He wished the DPA shows success. He also wished that the DPA shows would come to his country as well as all the other countries in the world.

Enterprise director: the DPA show delivered the social ideas of Truthfulness and Tolerance

Enterprise director: The ideas DPA delivers are very important

Mr Axel Leimer, who specializes in biological chemical research and who owns a company, came together with his daughter to see the DPA show on the 21st.

Mr Axel Leimer thought the programs of the show were very brilliant; the dancers’ skills were outstanding and the arrangement of the combination of costumes and the colour of the backdrop was perfect. “Brilliant. The lifelike three-dimension effect of the backdrop projection made me feel like I was in the scenery. What gave me the deepest impression were immortals in the picture descending from heaven and then directly emerging on the stage”

He expressed he was very glad to experience a culture of another kind through watching the show. From the show he experienced the profound greatness and deepness of the China’s traditional culture. At the same time, he thought the show was delivering to people an idea. “Truthfulness and Tolerance were presented in several programs. I feel this was to tell people how to get along with others better. I myself am engaged in church works. So I think the idea delivered by the show is very important for society”. He thought all the effort made to realize the peace of the world not only benefit oneself, but bring welfare for others in the society.

In the view of an enterprise director, he thought the values delivered by the DPA show, such as tolerance, compassion etc. are indispensable no matter in work or in life. “The show was thought-provoking. It presented some social problems perfectly in the form of art. I think art is not only an amusement, but to provoke people to think of the reality of the society deeply”

There will be forty-three DPA shows in sixteen cities of twelve different countries throughout Europe.

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