SwItzerland: Activities in Zurich to Raise Awareness about the Persecution of Falun Gong

On September 6th, Falun Gong practitioners hung up banners, display boards and erected a petition table on the famous Zurich Shopping street Bahnhofstrass. Lots of passers-by paused when they saw Falun Gong practitioners demonstrating the Falun Gong exercises, despite the noise, and read the boards exposing the persecution of Falun Gong. There were also some who were doultful about it and could not understand the photos and who then came to talk to the practitioners.

The CCP's behaviour shows its fear

Ms. Oberrecht took a leaflet, put it into her bag and then told a Falun Gong practitioner that she had been to China twice. She went to Beijing and Kunming and she likes China very much. She particularly likes China’s culture and ancient history. When she was travelling to Hong Kong some time ago, she went and looked for a cultural museum particularly in order to get to know more of China’s culture.

She knew the situation of the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners too. She said, “In China nowadays, it’s impossible to seek justice. China today makes me afraid ”. The practitioner replied, “Actually, there is nothing that we should be afraid of. It is CCP that should be extremly worried. Since the people who did bad things should always be afraid that their crime would be known by people”. Ms. Oberrencht paused surprisingly and then said, “Yes, it’s the CCP who is worried. its behaviour shows that it is extremly worried. Or else why did it want to carry out the persecution?”

When she got to know that there was a petition in the bid to stop the CCP harvesting Falun Gong practitioners’ organs, Ms. Oberrecht signed her name immedietly. While reading the various Chinese materials and VCDs on the table, she said in regret that how wonderful it would be if she could read it. Ms. Wang gave her a copy of the German version of the Nine Commentaries and told her that the book systematically exposed the CCP’s various methods that after the Nine Commentaries was published, there have been more than forty million people who quit the CCP and its relavent organisitions. Ms. Oberrent was first shocked and then said happily, “I’ve found hope in it”

A lot of people raised their questions about Falun Gong. After listening to the Falun Gong practitioners explaining what Falun Gong is and why Falun Gong was persecuted by the CCP, one of them, Ms. Doloris asked, “Is there any book? Where could we learn Falun Gong?”. When the practitioner went to look for the Falun Gong books, she signed the petition appealing for stopping the CCP violence.

Ms. Doloris was quite disappointed that she couldn’t get a copy of Zhuan Falun. She kept asking how she could get the books. In the end, she got a piece of paper with exercises site address and timetable on it. When she left she expressed that she wanted to learn the exercises and will look for the Falun Gong books.

A young girl distributing promotional gifts was looking at the photos and stopped distributing in surprise when she passed the Falun Gong practitioner’s stall. The practitioner told her that this was to expose the CCP persecuting Falun Gong and that CCP would never allow people to have their own beliefs.

She nodded constantly. When she heard about the CCP harvesting living Falun Gong practitioners’ organs, she shook. She expressed that she supports human rights. So she thought it’s necessary to let more people know all this. The Falun Gong practitioner gave her a copy of the Nine Commentaries and told her this book could help her get more understanding about CCP and about why the CCP persecutes Falun Gong and other people with their own beliefs.she was very glad to receive the book and said, “you’ve done very well. Thank you for what you did”

An elderly lady told the Falun Gong practitioners, “I just want to tell you that you’ve done very well. I wish you a success”

Another elderly lady kept asking why when she saw the photos of Falun Gong practitioner Gao Rongrong. When the Falun Gong practitioner explained to her she pointed at her ear and said that she was deaf. Then when she read the petition that was in a bid to stop CCP harvestliving Falun Gong practitioners’ organs for sudden and large profit, she expressed that was very good. and she signed her name to it.

When the time for the Falun Gong practitioners to finish came, there were still a lot of people standing in front of the disply boards. Ms. Pahlke expressed that she came from an ex-communist county, Poland and she knew very clearly about the communist bloody regime. She was very lucky that in her homeland communism is over. She also signed her name to express her support for Falun Gong practitioners. She also expressed she will let more people know about all this.

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