Switzerland: Praise for the Divine Performing Arts Troupe's Performance in the Gala Spectacular in Geneva

On October 3rd, the Divine Performing Arts (DPA) gave its third performance of the Spectacular in Geneva. The audience rewarded each piece with warm applause and gave a long standing ovation to the artists at the end of the show. When interviewed, all audience members had high praise for the beauty of the show.

Former Vice President of Geneva State Council: "DPA Reveals Chinese Talents"

Philippe Joye, a former Vice-President of the Council of State, Republic and Canton of Geneva

Philippe Joye is the former vice-president of the Council of State, Republic and Canton of Geneva, and he said: “I saw the performance of the DPA last year and was impressed by the quality of its performance and so I came again this year. Every aspect of the show is artistically perfect. The tenor was so admirable and he has a golden voice. This show lets me realise that there are so many talented people among the Chinese.

Director of Geneva Music Institute: "I have just seen a new realm of music"

Robert Hisland Hiestand, director of Higher Institute of Music Geneva

Rober-Hisland Hiestand, director of Higher Institute of Music Geneva, brought five faculty members of his institute to watch the show in order to learn about traditional elements of Chinese music. Mr. Hiestand is also a music expert in Mongolian music and he currently services as the chairperson of Swiss Mongolian Association. He said: “One of my favourite pieces is ‘Chopstick Zest’. I have been working on research and protection of Mongolian music for years and the music and rhythm of this piece are so dear to my heart. Though I have been studying music so long, after seeing the show, I felt that I was a new born infant as I have just seen a new realm of music. The experience was abnormal.”

Bank Executive: "Exceptional Music and Dance"

Elizabeth’s family
Elizabeth is a top executive of a bank and she brought her husband and daughter to see the show. Elizabeth’s husband practices Chinese medicine and their daughter was born in China. The family lived in China for many years and just came back to Switzerland last year. While in China, they had been to many places and they love Chinese culture. She gave her remarks in Chinese: “The show was great and we all love it. This was a wonderful experience. You know, we lived in China for years and we have been to Dunhuang. This show was so beautiful with exceptional music and dance. Everything was perfect and I like all of the programmes.”

Her husband Mike shared her remarks, and he said: “I learned the Erhu before and I love the Erhu performance. The hi-tech backdrops were creative. In addition, the host and hostess were excellent.”

Entrepreneur: "It's a Rainbow"

Roula Danial is a successful Entrepreneur, and she said: “The performers were concentrated and showed great forbearance. I believe that they must have gone through long training to achieve this level. The show was gorgeous, very colourful and elegant. Just like a rainbow, indeed, it looked like a rainbow. I am sure many of the audience members were already touched more or less by the show. When they realise the meaning of the show, they will spread the word and more people will come next year.”

Businessman: "Human rights is a universal value"

Businessman Hans said that the piece that impressed me the most is the one which depicted three Chinese female Falun Gong practitioners’ suffering in prison. “Human rights are a universal value and I feel very sad for the persecution. The show was very good and very special. The costumes were so colourful and gorgeous, the Chinese instruments were unique, and the backdrop design was a perfect for the stage performance. This is my third time to see the DPA and every time I got something new.”

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