Quotidiano.net (Italy): Appeal to Italian MPs to Rescue Falun Gong Practitioner Zhao Lizhuan

On August, 13th the website Quotidiano.net in Italy published a letter from a reader by the name of Zhao Lili. In the letter, he appealed to Italian Members of Parliament to rescue his brother Zhao Lizhuan, who is enduring persecution due to practising Falun Gong. The English translation of the appeal is as follows.

Dear Members of Parliament,

I am writing to call for the rescue of my brother who has been illegally incarcerated in a prison in China for the past four years.

My brother’s name is Zhao Lizhuan, who is an honest, kind and peaceful person. He used to be a senior engineer in the design department at the headquarters of the China First Heavy Industries. Born with a kind nature, he identifies himself with the universal principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance. He started practicing Falun Gong in September 1996.

Because Falun Gong's principles of Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance are against the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) evil nature of deceit, wickedness and violence, the CCP started to defame Falun Gong across China at the command of Jiang Zemin on July 20th 1999. The CCP then cruelly oppressed and persecuted Falun Gong practitioners. Below is the inhumane torture imposed on my brother over the past several years.

In late June, 2000, my brother was kidnapped by the police from his work place and illegally detained at the Fula'erji detention centre for 45 days. To force him to give up his belief in Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance, the police hung him up and cruelly beat his head and body with thick wooden sticks. Starting December 28th 2000, my brother was detained illegally again for 45 days.

On April 20th 2002, four police officers broke into my brother’s home and took him away. He was illegally detained for another four months. When he was released from the prison, all his teeth were loose due to being repeatedly beaten. He could only eat a liquid diet for several months.

On December 2nd 2004, my brother was illegally incarcerated again for the forth time, and it’s been over two years now since then. He was beaten savagely by the police until he passed out. After his life was saved by a hospital, he was blind for many days.

Dear Members of Parliament, my brother Zhao Lizhuan was still confined in the Tailai Prison in Heilongjiang province, after he was sentenced to 5 years in prison. The Tailai Prison is referred to as the Tailai Machinery Factory and is a very vicious and atrocious place. Many Falun Gong practitioners have been tortured to maiming or even death. In May, 2005, Falun Gong practitioner Pan Hongguang was beaten to death by the wicked police.

I’m worried about my brother’s situation very much, as officials in Chinese prisons, public security departments, courts and other judicial agencies have colluded with medical systems to steal organs from living Falun Gong practitioners for sale to people inside and outside China for exorbitant profits. David Kilgour, Canada’s former Secretary of State for Asia Pacific as well as Canada’s senior Member of Parliament, has reached a conclusion that all the accusations of CCP’s live organ harvesting are true after more than two months’ independent investigation. Most of these organs are from Falun Gong practitioners.

Dear Members of Parliament, my brother is being inhumanely persecuted only because he believes in Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance. Out of conscience, please help rescue my brother so that he can regain freedom. Thank you.

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