Italian News Agency Apcom: Eutelsat Blocks TV Signal for Economic Interests

On August 6th, Italian news agency Apcom reported that the Italian Falun Gong Association exposed that Eutelsat was pressured by Beijing and interrupted the broadcast by NTDTV, the world’s largest independent Chinese TV station.

From June 16th, millions of Chinese families have not been able to watch NTDTV's broadcast. Eutelsat explained that, due to technical failures on the W5 satellite, they had to shut down the transponders. However, on July 10th, Reporters without Borders published a telephone recording, which indicated that the close of NTDTV’s broadcast was a premeditated action due to political and economic reasons, not a technical problem.

On July 16th, Sun Yuxi, the Chinese Ambassador to Italy, admitted that he himself pressured directly Eutelsat, asked for the close of NTDTV’s broadcast and promised to give Eutelsat economic benefits in return. Eutelsat’s action hurts the rights of information freedom to millions of Chinese people and also violated the contract with NTDTV signed by Eutelsat and its CEO Mr. Beretta.

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