United States: Falun Gong Practitioners Participate in Long Island Memorial Day Parade

On the long weekend of May 24th to 26th, Falun Gong practitioners of Long Island New York participated in three parades in the area.

At the parade in Centerreach, the practitioners met a congressman who has been a longtime Falun Dafa supporter. He greeted to the practitioners and remarked, "You did a great job."

A state senator from Smithtown met the Falun Gong practitioners after the parade and took out a business card to give to a practitioner. He encouraged them, saying, "You did very well. Keep it up."

The parade in Plainview lasted about one and a half hours. After the parade, the council chair of Plainview county approached the Falun Gong procession and congratulated them and then took a photo with all of the practitioners.

It was a three day weekend and each parade attracted a few thousand spectators. Some of them already knew what was happening in China and said that they knew about the persecution of Falun Gong in China and they supported Falun Gong. Some said they had seen the truth-clarification display boards in New York City. Some others saw the Falun Gong demonstration on the float and said they would like to learn the practice.

Many people followed along with the demonstration of the exercises while watching the parade. The practitioners also passed out a lot of fliers to allow people to learn the practice on the Internet or from local practice sites.

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