Finland: Chinese Spectacular a Hit in Tampere

At 7 p.m. on March 31, 2008, Divine Performing Arts (DPA) gave its second performance in the Convention Center in Tampere, Finland. The performance won warm and prolonged applause from the audience.

Audience at the Tampere Convention Center

On March 31, The Tampere Morning Post covered the premier performance of the Chinese Spectacular. The article mentioned that eleven prominent political figures in Finland and the European Union sent congratulatory letters. The performance charmed the audience with bright colors and Chinese historical stories. The performance included Chinese dance, singing, drums and the unique Erhu solo.

Finnish stage costume designer Kirsty Ylinen and her choreographer friend went to watch the Chinese Spectacular on March 31. Ylinen said, "I liked the costumes very much. We almost don't see such costumes in Finland anymore. I especially like the long sleeves and the fans used to form waves in the dance Nymphs of the Sea."

Finnish stage costume designer Kirsi Ylinen

She went on to say, "The colours of the costumes are very bright. In Finland, we seldom use such bold colours. Colours used here are generally rather silent. Besides, I simply can't imagine how they managed to dance so beautifully with such long silk sleeves."

On the difference in costumes used in DPA's classical dances and western classical dances, Ylinen said, "The colors used in the costumes are beautiful, and there is a natural blend between the different colors, giving people a nice feeling. The different colours also played an important role in distinguishing the good and the bad."

Ylinen said that European dance costumes are rather modernized in contrast. She said that she liked the Chinese culture very much and told the reporter that she especially liked the dance 'Drummers of the Tang Court' and called the dancing "fantastic."

Choreographer Lisbeth Halikka

Choreographer Lisbeth Halikka came to watch the performance with Ylinen. She told the reporter that she ran a dance school and praised the performance. Lisbeth said, "The costumes are exquisite and the dances are brilliant. The whole performance is wonderfully put together. The 3D backdrops are just amazing."

Floral artist Nanna Idanheimo

Floral artist Nanna Idanheimo said after watching the show, "The performance is so beautiful."

Nanna continued to say that she had seen Chinese performances before, but the Chinese Spectacular is very beautiful, very different. The dance movements and the costumes are just so graceful. She specifically mentioned, "The dance with the water (Nymphs of the Sea) was very beautiful. It is so soft. In contrast to this dance is the drum dance (Drummers of the Tang Court), which showed strength." Nanna continued, "China's long history is ingrained in these performers. I could see how they just come out in the performance."

Tampere Convention Centre Producer: "This is a great performance"

Tampere Convention Centre producer Marko Stenstrom said that although there had been Chinese shows performed in the center before, they had never seen anything as magnificent. The audience feedback has also been tremendous. Marko said to the reporter, "This is a great performance, very unique. The backdrops are magnificent. I would be thrilled to watch it all over again."

Tampere Convention Centre Producer Mr. Marko Stenstrom

Principal oboist Paula Malmivaara

Paula Malmivaara is the principal oboist with the Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra, a well-known orchestra in Scandinavia. Paula came to watch the Chinese Spectacular with her father Ilkka. She said to the reporter, "The performance was very enjoyable, very beautiful, especially the dances.

I liked the drum dance very much. I also liked the Erhu solo. They were brilliant."

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