Finland: Author Has a Special Gift for Her Children

Sami is an author who has published ten children's books. On March 31, she and her husband took their two children to the Chinese Spectacular in Tampere, Finland. Sami and her husband adopted six-year-old Anna and four-year-old Mina three years ago. They are from Qinghai and Jiangxi province, China.

Sami, her husband and two adopted Chinese daughters

Sami explained that the show was educational for her kids, and that she wants to offer them the best parts of Chinese and Western culture. She said that it is really a precious opportunity for her children to enjoy a show highlighting the traditions of their native culture. "It is the most special gift for them," she said. Sami's husband enjoyed the show, as well. He called the show "rich and profound."

The kids enjoyed the show too, especially the dances and the colorful costumes. Sami said, "Mina was a little naughty at the beginning of the show, but she soon settled down and enjoyed the show." Their father joked, "I can imagine how they will imitate the dancers at home. I guess their mom has to make some clothes with long sleeves for them."

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