Finland: "Divine Performing Arts Opens Your Heart", says Psychiatrist

Psychiatrist Jussi Nikkila and five of his friends watched the second show of the Divine Performing Arts Chinese Spectacular in Tampere, Finland on March 31st, 2008. Nikkila could hardly suppress his excitement and readily shared his feelings with the reporter.

Jussi Nikkila, a psychiatrist in Finland said, "This performance has a soul; it will open your heart and mind!"

Nikkila said, "We all felt the pure beauty of the dances and the colors tonight. It really is one of a kind in Finland! Especially the Erhu soloist--she truly touched my heart, and it was a thoroughly heartwarming experience. All of the performers on stage carried powerful energy and the interaction among them was incredible! They reached out to me on a conscientious level."

"The Spectacular has very good energy; I love large-scale programs of this kind!" Nikkila continued, "The dances express love and care among people, and it's not just a concept or way of thinking, but it's actually tangible and deeply felt.

"I could feel a powerful field, and the scenes in every dance were quite magnificent. Every program required a high degree of discipline and coordination among the performers, which is impossible to achieve by one person The Spectacular has an overall message; it can open the world inside your heart!"

Equally impressed with the songs, Nikkila said, "The lyrics in the last song, 'Who Am I?' goes, 'I know now to strive forward on the path toward divinity'--we often talk about things like this, like exploring our true selves deep within our hearts."

Nikkila was incredulous when he learned that the Chinese Embassy was trying to interfere with the Divine Performing Arts. "It's hard to imagine that a government would stick its nose in a cultural and art event! I heard about torture and persecution [in China], but it would never happen here in Finland. You can express yourselves freely. The fact that such an invasive measure was employed makes one think that it [the Chinese Communist Party] has something to hide that is evil and fearsome.

"I want to thank the artists from the bottom of my heart; I thank them for coming to Finland. I want to tell every performer that you must keep moving forward and continue this artistic creation and performance, because it is indeed replete with tons of important information! It's what people want to see nowadays. Maybe they don't realize it, but it's going to be the trend!"

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