Finland: Swedish Musician says Spectacular "Was Like Magic"

Magnus Rosen is a famous Swedish musician. He told this reporter that he was 'amazed' by the Chinese Spectacular, which was held in Stockholm on March 20th.

Magnus Rosen poses for photo with performers Liu Xinyi and 7-year-old Tingting of the Divine Performing Arts

Mr. Rosen said the show was like magic and full of surprises. The most impressive pieces to him were "The Power of Awareness" and the Erhu solo.

He said, "The young actor, Tingting, in that dance was sweet and cute. She is very talented. When I saw the policemen separate her from her mother in the dance, I wanted to jump onto the stage to protect her like her father."

Mr. Rosen liked the rich content of the show. "The combination of costumes, music, singing, dancing and orchestra was great. It was a gorgeous show," he said.

He was amazed by the Erhu solo. "The music was beautiful. It must be very hard to play such touching music on an instrument which has only two strings. It was amazing," he said.

Mr. Rosen continued, "The programs were short but fabulous. The actors were great. I can sense their hearts and spirits from their smiles and eyes. The actor in the dance 'The Loyalty of Yue Fei' was full of power."

Mr. Rosen liked the orchestra too. He wished the hosts of the show would have introduced more of the Chinese instruments. He said, "I wish that I was in the first row so that I could see and hear every instrument."

He said he felt the theme of the show was great. The songs helped him learn what is going on in China, and he feels that it's everyone's responsibility to help stop the persecution.

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