Germany: Chinese Spectacular Show in Berlin "A Kaleidoscope of Colours"

Audience reaction after the last curtain call of the Divine Performing Arts Company show on March 14th, 2008:

A Kaleidoscope of colours

A law student loved the entire show and said excitedly, "The costumes were wonderful to behold! The gracefulness of the dancers was terrific! The entire show was like a kaleidoscope of colours, filled with optimism, strength, full of energy and love of life; as well one could feel the fighting spirit and positiveness."

She said about the scene depicting Falun Gong, The Rising Lotus Flower, she said, "One had goose bumps all over ones back."

I held only positive thoughts

Mr. Thorsten Beyer, professor, shared his impressions in a nutshell, "Smashing show! Smashing show! I honestly liked the show! I only held positive thoughts! There was a positive atmosphere, which remains in ones mind after returning home. I loved the music very much. I wished I could have bought a CD."

"I was quite taken with The Drummers of the Tang Court"

Mr. Björn Scholle, legal assistant, loved the show, "I favoured The Drummers of the Tang Court" and "the Mongolian Bowl Dance," but was also quite impressed with the costumes."

He said that he didn't think that one could truly comprehend the deeper content of the Chinese culture after just one show. One had to look into it more deeply.

"The artistic skills were fabulous"

A psychologist was also quite impressed with the show and said, "I favoured especially the drum scenes, the artistic skills are fabulous and the music was beautiful, especially the Erhu performance."

She didn't like very much the Chinese songs. She said, "The Chinese regime is just too violent. I was deeply touched."

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