Sweden: The Chinese Spectacular Begins a Swedish Tour

The Chinese Communist Regime has used all means to prevent the Chinese Spectacular's global tour. When the Chinese Embassy tried to stop people coming to watch several performances in Sweden two months ago, it aroused public condemnation as well as, ironically, interest in the show.

The founder and vice director of Swedish NGO ‘Communism related historical data association’; Anders Hjemdahl has shared his opinion after watching the first performance on the 20th March.

Anders said, "This is a very beautiful and delightful performance, of which the most touching one is the programme called The Rising Lotus, which is about Falun Gong practitioners being arrested, this programme made me realise that you could get strong energy if you have belief".

Regarding the question of the Chinese communist party trying to put down the Spectacular, which is aiming at spreading Chinese traditional culture, Anders said, ‘Communism is the most evil thing in the world, it is the biggest disaster since mankind’s history and China is the place which has been the most seriously poisoned, it is a anti-human religion, it is always destroying, the Chinese Communist Party should not exist, because it has no merit, Chinese people should enjoy freedom and democracy like people in other countries". He hoped that Shen Yun could be spread to more people.

NGO: "Display the real culture and history of China"

Camilla Anderson and her husband Anders Hjemdahl have set up a non-government organisation called Communism Consultation (UOK), on order to let people know the crime which the Communist party has committed. They watched the Gala Spectacular with their two daughters. After the performance, they were very happy to accept interviews with journalists.

Camilla Anderson and husband Anders Hjemdahl watched the first performance. Anderson said, ‘This is a very good performance, I like all of it. I think it is very necessary to be performed here, especially to let western people understand what has happened in China, the anti-persecution and the Chinese Party’s persecution and let the Swedish people know how the Chinese Party destroyed culture. It is excellent to hold this kind of performance. She said, “It was very important to represent those behaviors of the Communist party; this correct information represents the persecution which is happening now”.

Her husband stressed, “The Gala is represent everything new and fresh with rich and colourful Chinese culture, rather than to accord with the Communist Party’s ideology, static and barren performance. It brought to life the real Chinese culture and history, we would help to invite more MPs come to watch next year.’

The Divine Power Art on Tour still has five performances to go in Sweden.

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