Belgian Artists Admire the Divine Performing Arts

The US-based Divine Performing Arts Touring Company (DPA) staged three shows of the Chinese Spectacular at the Stadsschouwburg Theater in Antwerp, Belgium over the past two days. Belgian political VIPs, dance experts and professors, top ballet dancers and artists were among the audience, and expressed their admiration for the Divine Performing Arts.

Actress Mieke Bouve said, "I am completely captivated."

Ms. Mieke Bouve is the leading actress in a daily soap opera on a Belgian national TV channel. She watched the DPA show as a special guest. She said, "I have been looking forward to the show by the Divine Performing Arts because I have been looking forward to going to China. I will go visit that place someday. It is one of the reasons I came to watch the show. There is a big gap between China under Communist power and a free China. The original Chinese culture the DPA presented is very different from the Chinese culture I know from the current China."

She said with excitement, "No words can describe the whole show. Amazing may be one way to describe it. It is so magnificent!" Ms. Bouve praised the movement details and accuracy of the dancers, and said the dances were incredible. "I have never watched such wonderful dance in my life! It is hard to describe. Perfection may be the right word."

Hugo Fanari and Marinella Paneda, former head of the Royal Ballet School of Antwerp

Hugo Fanari is a stage lighting designer and dance teacher. He was previously a classic ballet dancer and winner of the Hamburg Choreography Award. Mr. Fanari watched the show with his teacher on the first day and watched it again with his mother on the second day. His mother has seen many top-class shows with him since he started performing when he was 12. More than sixty people went to see the show after Mr. Fanari recommended it to them.

Mr. Fanari said, "The Erhu music was very touching. Qi Xiaochun is not only a great master of the skill but also very charming and has enchanting stage manner. Piano player Ma Changzi was great and worked very well the singer. The dancers smiled throughout. Their movements were very accurate and their cooperation as a whole was perfect. Their beauty was not like Barbie dolls, but from their inner charm. Their perfect performance was obviously based on their great training. I could also feel their devotion to the promotion of the Chinese culture."

Mr. Fanari was amazed at the scale of the DPA and their talent from all over the wold. He said that it is a hard job to tour so many countries. Mr. Fanari said he had worked with many international performing groups but had never seen a show touring so many countries in such a short period of time.

Rosse Marie Claire was previously a ballet dancer and had won an award for figure skating. She said the costumes, dance and music were beautiful. "I can tell the movements of the dancers are different from classic ballet. The movements of their hands, fingers, arms and feet are very unique. I don't know how the gestures were made but they are so beautiful!"

Musician Joe

Belgian musician Joe told the reporter after watching the last DPA show in Antwerp, "This is the most beautiful show! The DPA showed me hope! ...The show by the DPA is the truly beautiful artistic representation of traditional Chinese culture. You must protect it well and promote it."

Among the audience were also renowned comedian Greet Hoste, professor of art and jewelry designer Max-Lauret De Cock, opera singer Sylvie De Pauw, actors Marc Herremans and Chris Willemsem, singer Filip D' haeze and Chief Editor of Libelle Ditte Van de Velde.

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