Malaysia: The Divine Land Marching Band Brings Joy to Malacca and Keeps Tourists Enthralled

The Divine Land Marching Band from Taiwan performed at tourist spots in Kuala Lumpur and caused a sensation. The marching band then came to Malacca on May 20th, 2007, and wherever they went, they were warmly received and appreciated. The people were moved and amazed by their performances.

Tourists Gather to Watch the Performance and Extend High Praise

The Divine Land Marching Band performed at a number of tourist sites in Malacca, including the famous A'Famosa, Klebang Beach, Malacca Municipal Council square and Malacca River bank.

Malacca is a well known historical city, where there are many historical landmarks such as buildings, castles, churches and museums with unique characteristics. This year is "Visit Malaysia Year 2007". The Divine Land Marching Band presented exquisite performances, attracting tourists from different countries who took photos. Many people were attracted by the huge banner reading "Falun Dafa"and had a photo taken with the banner and the marching band while making thumbs-up gestures to express their appreciation for the band.

The music played by the Divine Land Marching Band was peaceful, solemn and dignified, permeating the entire A' Famosa. Many tourists gathered to watch, attracted by the music. A tour guide from Vietnam said in an interview, "The band performed so well and wonderfully! Just now I was on the hillside far away but was attracted by rounds of drum and trumpet music. I rushed here to see what was going on, and unexpectedly I found an outstanding band performing." The tour guide watched the wonderful performances and called the tourists to join him. Another coordinator of the tour also complimented the performance and hoped to see the band's wonderful performance next time when he came to Malacca. These tourists from Vietnam warmly cheered and applauded the band. Before leaving, they had a group photo taken with the banner "Falun Dafa" and the marching band.

Music is Full of Joy

A tourist from Kuala Lumpu and her friend said that the Divine Land Marching Band performance was full of joy, infusing people with high spirits and vigour. The lady said that the band's performance was superb; they liked it very much and also enjoyed themselves. It was the first time for them to watch such a large scale band performance.

Sponsor of the Dragon Boat Race Expresses Gratitude for the Band's Performance

May 20th was the day for the Malacca-Singapore Dragon Boat Race. The Divine Land Marching Band came to perform. Their performances attracted many people to watch, and they warmly applaud the performances. Chairman of the Malacca Dragon Boat Association Dato' Wong Shu Tong expressed his gratitude and appreciation of the Divine Land Marching Band's performances. He said, "I'm grateful to them (the Divine Land Marching Band)! Their performances added to the joyous atmosphere of the Malacca-Singapore Dragon Boat Race."

People Admire Falun Dafa Practitioners' Spirit

Finally, the Divine Land Marching Band presented their last performance in Malacca at the Malacca Municipal Council Square, adding vigour and colour to the brilliant night scene. Many vehicles passing by stopped to watch. Practitioners explained to people about Falun Dafa's wide spread worldwide and informed them of the persecution in China. When one man learned about the persecution of Falun Gong and practitioners' persevering resistance over the past eight years, he said emotionally that he admired practitioners' uncompromising spirit and perseverance for truth.

The Divine Land Marching Band concluded their trip to tourist sites in Malaysia amid applause and cheers.

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