Chinese Communist Party Threat Turns into an "Advertisement" - People in Mainland China Rush to Get "New Year Spectacular" DVD

A couple days ago, a Falun Gong practitioner travelled to his hometown in Shaanxi Province in China. He brought two sets of New Tang Dynasty Television's (NTDTV) New Year Spectacular DVDs. When he told his friends and family about the Spectacular, he never expected that they had already heard about it.

The practitioner thought that maybe they had heard about the Spectacular from other practitioners; so he asked, "How do you know about the Spectacular?" He was shocked to hear: "A few days ago, our employer forwarded a notice from higher authorities informing them that overseas Falun Gong practitioners hosted a New Year Spectacular that was performed around the world. In addition, it said, the DVDs of NTDTV's New Year Spectacular had been distributed across the country. It said anyone who received the DVD mustn't watch it. Then the notice continued on with various threats. The Chinese Communist Party tried to scare people; but, in fact, it was a threat without any consequences.

These friends told the practitioner that so many people learnt about the DVD in this way and all of them wanted to find one. Some people said, "I want to watch it so badly!" Others said, "You'd be stupid not to watch the DVD if you had it." And yet others said, "When I happen to get the disc, I will take it home and watch it. How could the Party have any control over this?" The practitioner's family told him, "The Chinese Communist Party has already run ads for the New Year Spectacular." When they learnt that the practitioner had two sets of disc's, they were so excited and each wanted to be first to watch it. The practitioner was torn: Who should be the first one to have a disc? He responded back saying he would make sure everyone had a chance to see the DVD.

The NTDTV New Year Spectacular is exceptional and impressive. Outside of China there is a trend that a ticket is difficult to get. While in China, under the "propaganda" of the Chinese Communist Party, the DVD has been difficult to get.

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