Reaction from Changchun Viewers after the Truth Revealing TV Programme

Practitioners in China were able to broadcast truth-clarifying programmes on the Changchun cable television network [Changchun is a city in north-eastern China]. The following are some of the reactions from the public who viewed the broadcasts:

- During lunchtime, some college students started a conversation: "Did you see that TV programme? The Party's dirty tricks are so nasty that they're truly unprecedented." "Yes, I did. A policeman was dangling a blanket and waiting to cover the burning Wang Jindong. What a joke!" "It's been reported by overseas media; that's major exposure [of the lies]!" "Fire cannot be covered by paper"[means that the truth will be revealed]. "The (anti-Falun Gong) campaign has no future; the government has let us down." "Excessive oppression is bound to cause a great rebellion."

- After a neighbour, 70-year-old Ms. Lu watched the TV show, she said, "What Falun Gong said makes sense. All the practitioners I know are good people. People can tell who's good and who's bad. Why do they [the government] push people to persecute Falun Gong?"

- The Party secretary of a college told his students, "Did you hear about the TV show? The senior government leaders are nervous. They said that Falun Dafa practitioners will gather again. It seems to be another lie. Falun Gong has no organization; it's only a cultivation method. But now the top leaders fabricate lies and it is my job is to spread them [the lies]. I hate doing this. Who wouldn't?"

- A police friend called, "Did you hear about the TV show? The Ministry of Public Security has sent people here to investigate. We're exhausted. We have to work overtime everyday, patrolling the streets day and night. Every single power line pole has someone watching it. We spend all our energy persecuting Falun Gong while ignoring robberies, burglaries and prostitution. No one cares about the law and human rights. Police will arrest Falun Gong practitioners as soon as they see them, and sentence them immediately after the arrest. There is even an order to shoot [practitioners]. You have to be very careful! We can't even go home at night. Everyone is upset. What's going on here?"


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