Lawless Officials Extort Money from Practitioners

[Jixi City, Helongjiang Province]

At around 10 p.m. on September 2, 2001, policemen from Jidong County's Hada Police Department arrested practitioner Mr. Sun Guihua again, because they learned that he had written the banners spreading Dafa [Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance] that were posted by other practitioners. Lawless policeman Sun Nan led Liu Haijun, a village official, and two others broke into Mr. Sun Guihua's home and took away Falun Dafa books. They destroyed Mr. Sun's small shop and took him to the police department. They asked Mr. Sun to reveal the names of other practitioners, but Mr. Sun refused. A vicious police officer named Qiu threw him to the ground, slammed an iron chair on his legs, and beat his feet with a heavy plastic tube. After Qiu had beaten Mr. Sun for a while, he still could not get what he wanted from Mr. Sun. Mr. Sun's feet turned black and blue from the beating and were severely swollen. He was detained for two days and was extorted of 5,000 Yuan before he was released.

At around 8 p.m. on September 2, 2001, practitioner Ms. Zhang Yaqin went out with another fellow practitioner to post Dafa truth-clarifying flyers and policemen from Hada Police Department arrested her. The police asked her who the other practitioner was, and Ms. Zhang said she didn't know, so vicious police officer Wang Lei slapped Ms. Zhang's face with a towel and with his hand. He forced Ms. Zhang to sit on the floor and put an iron chair on her feet. Two vicious policemen pushed down on Ms. Zhang's feet on both sides, and another two police officers beat her with plastic tubes. Then another two policemen came up and beat her. One ended up saying his stomach was hurting and the other said his back ached. So yet another group of policemen took turns beating her. They beat Ms. Zhang for four rounds. These vicious police thugs included Wang Lei, Sun Nan, Zhang Biao and Qiu, and others. Ms. Zhang's feet and legs were beaten to the point of being black and blue and the bones and flesh on her feet separated. Her feet were covered with blood blisters. Ms. Zhang was detained for two days. After she was released to go home, she couldn't get off the bed for more than two months and she spent more than 1,000 Yuan on medical treatments. Ms. Zhang's husband went to the police department to reason with those thugs and the vicious policemen were scared, so they returned the 5,000 Yuan they had extorted from Ms. Zhang.

March 5, 2002

Responsible persons: Director of the Hada Police Department: Wang Huabo;

Deputy Director: Gai Guocai


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