Beijing Falun Gong Practitioners Call for the Rescue of Cao Dong and Niu Jinping

We are Falun Gong practitioners and friends of Mr. Cao Dong and Mr. Niu Jinping. Cao Dong went missing after he met with the Vice President of the European Parliament, Mr. Edward McMillan-Scott. His family members are terribly worried for his safety. Many of us have had similar experiences. Suddenly, one day our relatives disappeared and no one knew where they were. After a long time, we learned that they were imprisoned somewhere, or perhaps even something worse happened to them.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) evil is far beyond anyone's imagination. It is responsible for approximately 80 million unnatural deaths of Chinese people since it came into power. In order to survive the terrorism of red China, Chinese people gradually became indifferent to one another and the trust among neighbours vanished. Moreover, the CCP has destroyed people's ability to acknowledge goodness and justice in their hearts and has pushed Chinese society into a cruel and virulent situation. The fact of the CCP's atrocity of harvesting and selling organs from living Falun Gong practitioners has already fully proved this point. A segment of the government, various government officials, and doctors controlled by the CCP have totally lost their human nature.

The CCP will never change its evil nature. In order to cover up its crimes and enable the regime to survive, the CCP uses all kinds of tricks to sustain itself. After the truth of live organ harvesting was uncovered, the CCP started to murder people to eliminate any potential informants. They also covered up evidence and camouflaged organ harvesting sites, thus blocking off any information of their heinous crime. Falun Gong practitioners Mr. Cao Dong and Mr. Niu Jinping who met with Mr. McMillan-Scott in Beijing have suffered vicious retaliation by the CCP.

We are deeply concerned about Mr. Cao Dong and Mr. Niu Jinping's safety. Cao Dong is missing and Niu Jinping and his little daughter are being monitored by the National Security Police all the time. After Mr. McMillan-Scott left Beijing, the local police brought a person named Yang from the 610 Office1 to Niu Jinping's home to harass him. Niu Jinping's home was monitored secretly. One Falun Gong practitioner has been missing for a month after he visited Mr. Niu Jinping. (Please see the attachment about the recent news of Niu Jinping and his family.)

When Niu Jinping's wife Zhang Lianying was arrested, she was still nursing their baby girl. Now their daughter is already two years old. When she went out with her father to visit relatives, she said, "Mum has been arrested by bad people." We can imagine how much damage this has done to her little heart because she cannot receive her mother's love and care. We hope more and more people pay attention to this family's safety and give them support and help. Niu Jinping's home phone number is: 86-10-64638561.

People who never lived in Mainland China can hardly imagine the fear that Chinese people experience living under the CCP's regime. If the CCP thinks you are against it, it will use all kinds of methods to persecute you. Falun Gong practitioners are considered an "enemy of the state" by the CCP because they persist in their beliefs. The CCP uses the policy of "ruin [practitioners'] reputations, bankrupt [practitioners] financially, and destroy [practitioners] physically" to persecute Falun Gong practitioners, using the name of the state and the legal system to justify their actions. The atrocity of live organ harvesting occurring in Chinese concentration camps is designed to "destroy [practitioners] physically," and at the same time, the CCP reaps black profits from selling practitioners' body parts.

Because of the cruelty and severity of the persecution, Falun Gong practitioners who suffer from brutal persecution, but who still step out to tell the truth of the persecution, deserve our respect. Both Cao Dong and Niu Jinping have been imprisoned before, and their family members are still suffering from the persecution. They know the CCP's cruelty very clearly. But when the live organ harvesting was exposed and the situation needed them to testify, they stepped out bravely. They very clearly knew the great danger they faced, but they put down the concern for personal safety and comfort in order to uphold justice and preserve life. This is what ordinary people cannot achieve. This is also the reason why Falun Gong not only still stands after seven years of brutal persecution, but why its teachings have also become even more deeply rooted in practitioners' hearts.

Each life holds sanctity and dignity. When people of the world suffer injustice and persecution, every person has a moral responsibility to stop the evil persecution.

In recent months, we have seen more and more people stand on the side of the justice after learning the truth. Mr. David Kilgour's and human rights lawyer Mr. David Matas's 49-page independent investigation report provides solid evidence of the CCP's crime. Three Chinese doctors who participated in the organ harvesting from living Falun Gong practitioners were sued immediately after they came to the United States. Withdrawals from the CCP already exceed 12 million. The power of the CCP is gradually vanishing and the power of justice is accumulating very quickly. We hope that more and more people in the world come to know the truth and support us. We will continue to clarify the truth, and believe that in time, justice will conquer evil through our persistence.

Attachment: Recent News about Cao Dong and Niu Jinping

After the meeting with Vice President of the European Parliament Mr. Edward McMillan-Scott, Cao Dong left the meeting location first. After a few minutes, Niu Jinping left with his daughter. But when Niu Jinping came out, Cao Dong had already disappeared. It is very possible that Cao Dong had already been abducted at that time.

After a few days, local police brought a person named Yang from the 610 Office to Niu Jinping's home to harass him.

Yang asked while already knowing the answer, "What did you do a few days ago?"

[Niu Jinping] "Do I need to tell you anything I did?"

[Yang] "Was that a person from the European Union?"

[Niu Jinping] "Yes, so what?"

[Yang] "Why did you seek out the European Union?"

[Niu Jinping] "Why? Because I wish to appeal!"

[Yang] "You should have talked to us first."

Niu Jinping said, "Talk to you? Haven't you already said that if it were not because of our child, you would have already arrested my wife? How can I talk to you? Right now I have no place to appeal. No one [in China] wants to help us!" Then he handed the accusation letter to Yang and said, "Because I don't have any place to appeal, I had to talk to them!"

Yang hypocritically said, "You can talk to us if you have any more problems, we can solve them. We can give you help when your daughter goes to nursery school and then to kindergarten. We can also help you to solve other difficulties in life..."

Niu Jinping said, "If I didn't look for them, would you have still said that?"

Yang could not say a word after Niu Jinping revealed his real intentions. He took the letter and left angrily. Niu Jinping's home is now monitored. One Falun Gong practitioner has been missing for a month after he visited Mr. Niu Jinping.

Niu Jinping frequently goes out with his daughter to visit his relatives and friends in order to avoid being monitored. When his two-year-old daughter went out with her father to visit relatives, she said, "Mum has been arrested by bad people."

Niu Jinping's wife Zhang Lianying has been on a hunger strike to protest the persecution for more than a year. The police used the excuse of force-feeding her to deduct her money that was temporarily stored at the forced labour camp. As of June of this year, Mrs. Zhang's account only had 17 yuan2 left.

In January when Zhang Lianying's family visited her in the forced labour camp, they found that her face was badly disfigured. After that, the concentration camp used the excuse that Zhang Lianying did not cooperate with them well, and thus they prevented her family from visiting her. They only allowed her family to write a letter to her. Zhang Lianying's current situation is critical. The reported deaths of Falun Gong practitioners make her family members worry about her safety even more.

We hope that governments and the people of the world will pay attention to the safety of Niu Jinping and Zhang Lianying and their family. Niu Jinping and Zhang Lianying's home phone number is: 86-10-64638561


1. "The 610 office" is an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems.

2. "Yuan" is the Chinese currency; 500 yuan is equal to the average monthly income of an urban worker in China.

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