Chongqing City Falun Gong Practitioner Zhang Quanliang Framed by Police During Torture Session

Chongqing City Falun Gong practitioner Zhang Quanliang was abducted by police in December 2005. He was detained in Li Ziba Detention Centre, Chongqing City. Police extorted confessions by means of torture during the interrogations, and those were used to prosecute him. The police submitted a legal document against Mr. Zhang to Yuzhong District Court, trying to put him in jail.

The court date is June 12th 9:30 am. The location is 36th court room at Yuzhong District Court, and the clerk's name is Wen Yao.

Mr. Zhang was abducted by police on December 7th 2005 at Yubei District, and his head was wrapped in a black bag. He was hung up and beaten for six days and nights at the Shangqingshi Police Station, then he was tortured by the National Security Team of Yuzhong District Police Department for three days. On December 16th he was sent to the detention centre for further persecution. Police used mind-altering drugs to make Mr. Zhang talk about his work to expose the persecution. Then police used this as evidence to sue him for further persecution.

The related officials did not notify Mr. Zhang's family members after he was abducted, which was against regulations. Mr. Zhang's mother-in-law, Gu Zhiyi, called the police, but they said they did not know. After continuous enquiries, someone who was not a policeman was sent to notify them about Mr. Zhang's arrest.

Mr. Zhang Quanliang had been persecuted at Xisanping Labour Camp for three years. He was released on January 1st, 2004. In February 2005 his wife (who had been forced to leave home) was abducted. She is still detained in a labour camp. In April 2006 Mr. Zhang escaped from police custody and he has been hunted by police since then.

Please help to rescue Mr. Zhang.

Yuzhong district Court: 86-23-63843075, 86-23-63905748
Yuzhong district Court Criminal Court: 86-23-63845151
Chongqing City Yuzhong District Liziba Detention Centre: 86-23-63601210, 86-23-63876154
Director: Xian Xushui

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