Lawless Officials Hide Gao Rongrong's Body; Her Parents Cannot Commemorate their Daughter at First Anniversary of Her Murder

Following the murder of Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Gao Rongrong from Shenyang City, her family appealed to various government agencies. Her murderers have not yet been brought to justice. Recently, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials hid Gao Rongrong's body and said that officials from the Shenyang City Judicial Bureau must be present when her parents view the body. In the end, her elderly parents did not get to see the body and could not commemorate their beloved daughter on the one-year anniversary of her death.

1. Collusion between the justice system, the judicial system and the police

Gao Rongrong's father is 77 years old and her mother is 74 years old. One year after Gao Rongrong's tragic death, her parents appealed everywhere but were always turned away. They delivered a letter of appeal to the Appeals Office of the City Disciplinary Inspection Committee nearly one year ago, and have never heard from them. They asked the officials, "Why don't you answer our letter?" The officials answered, "[The letter] has not yet been given to the leaders." "Where are the leaders?" The person hesitated and said, "In the front yard."

The elderly couple could find no place to report the murder case and to ask for redress for the brutal murder of their daughter. The court told them to go to the Procuratorate; the Procuratorate told them to go to the police and the police said, "Only the police station in charge of the precinct where the Masanjia Forced Labour Camp is located can handle this case." In the chilling wind, the elderly couple rushed to the Shuguang Police Station in Liaoning Province's Prison City, where the Masanjia Forced Labour Camp is located. A police officer surnamed Wen was already waiting for them. He said, "I knew you were going to come, so I called Wang Wei, the head of the Masanjia Forced Labour Camp this morning." The parents' heart sank. They thought, "We are appealing against Wang Wei, Su Jing, Zhao Laixi and others who murdered Gao Rongrong, yet the murderers learned about the appeal before we could file it. All the officials are really colluding with one another."

2. People shocked by the truth

On May 7th, 2004, Gao Rongrong's face was disfigured after guards Tang Yubao and Jiang Zhaohua at the Longshan Forced Labour Camp shocked her face with electric batons for seven hours

Feeling hopeless, the old couple still recounted the persecution of Gao Rongrong to the police officer. He felt somewhat sorry but quickly said, indifferently, "Oh, things like that happen all the time. This prison [Dabei Prison in Shenyang City] holds Falun Gong practitioners, and some of them die each year. The same goes for labour camps. He [a police officer] can't be called a murderer if he is working. Even if he really committed a crime, we can't do anything about it. We can't accept your case. Go to the Procuratorate."

The parents told people the truth about Gao Rongrong's death wherever they went, and they showed people the picture of Gao Rongrong's disfigured face, which caused shock and anger. People said, "They can do such a hideous thing to an innocent person! The CCP is done for!" A young taxi driver said, "I can access overseas website(s) and read about Gao Rongrong. I almost couldn't believe it, but now I'm used to everything the CCP does. This time I'm going to quit the Young Pioneers and the Communist Youth League. The CCP is just too evil."

Once, many people gathered at the Masanjia Train Station to look at Gao Rongrong's pictures and listen to her parents tell her story. Some people couldn't believe this had happened in the same environment they live in; that someone was being barbarically tortured to death inside the Masanjia Forced Labour Camp. One man in a police uniform said, "Now they are increasingly unscrupulous inside the labour camps. They are capable of any crime." The unbelieving people's eyes got big in surprise after they heard about it and after they looked at the pictures.

3. Gao Rongrong's body hidden and family is forbidden to see it

Prior to the 2006 Chinese New Year, Gao Rongrong's family went to Wenguantun Funeral Home to commemorate Gao Rongrong. Ms. Gao's father, old and physically weak, could no longer withstand the excessive sorrow and grief and was unable to make the trip.

When Gao Rongrong's mother and sister arrived at the funeral home, the cold and dark freezing cabinet assigned to Gao Rong's body was empty. Gao Rongrong's mother trembled with grief and shock. Gao Rongrong's sister checked the Body Storage List, which said Gao Rongrong's body is in cabinet No. 82, but it was empty. They asked the funeral home employees, "Was the body cremated? Who made the decision? We have the Body Storage List. No one has the right to cremate the body without the family's consent."

The workers wanted to say something but stopped halfway. Later they said, "Wait here, we have to ask our superiors." Someone told the family in private, "The National Security Bureau is in charge of this affair; no one dares to utter a word without prior approval."

During the long wait, Gao Rongrong's mother cried and felt dizzy. After a long time, a funeral home section head arrived and met with the family. Gao Rongrong's mother asked about the whereabouts of the body. He said, "We didn't cremate her body, it's still here. We changed the storage cabinet arrangement so it is easier to manage it. Officials from the local police station and from the Shenyang City Judicial Bureau must be present if you want to see her body. We already contacted the local police. They can come here at any time. We also called the Judicial Bureau, but they said that calling them on the phone won't work, you must go there to find them in person."

Gao Rongrong's mother and sister said, "The officials at the Shenyang City Judicial Bureau were among the main criminals who orchestrated Gao Rongrong's murder. Gao Rongrong is our family member, and her parents brought her body here. We have all the documents for the storage and everything else and should be notified of a storage change. It should not happen without our consent! Why do those from the Shenyang City Judicial Bureau have to be here when we look at our own family member? They are the murderers! Is there justice anywhere?"

The section head was surprised, "Didn't they tell you about the freezer change? The Judicial Bureau said they had informed you." He felt sorry for them and said, "Gao Rongrong's case is special. The leaders at the funeral home including me don't have the power to decide anything about her case."

Gao Rongrong's family members said to everyone present, "Gao Rongrong had practised Falun Gong. Her face was disfigured after Tang Yubao and Jiang Zhaohua from Longshan City shocked her face with electric batons. They are still persecuting her after death by hiding her body. Gao Rongrong is indeed special. The persecution she experienced is evidence of the crime that was committed. There is no way to cover up their crimes."

Gao Rongrong's mother choked back tears and talked about what a wonderful daughter Gao Rongrong had been. The old mother had difficulty breathing due to grief. In the end, the family did not get to see the body.

The Procuratorate says the 610 Office1 is responsible for Gao Rongrong's case, and the 610 Office refers back to the Procuratorate

Gao Rongrong's family went to the Liaoning Province Procuratorate after she was murdered and again after her body disappeared. Her family asked the officials at the Procuratorate, "What's the outcome on the disfigurement crimes committed against Gao Rongrong by Tang Yubao? Did you bring the responsible parties to justice? How come you never gave us the examination report on her injuries? She had been savagely murdered at the Masanjia Forced Labour Camp. What would the provincial Procuratorate do about our appeal?"

Officials at different divisions of the Liaoning Province Procuratorate tried to shirk their responsibilities. Gao Rongrong's parents waited in the snow and freezing wind outside the province Procuratorate for a whole day. No one came out to meet them.

Several days later Lin Yi, deputy head of the Prison Inspection Divsion of the Liaoning Province Procuratorate gave an official response:

"Gao Rongrong's case is a special case in a special historic period, because she practised Falun Gong. The Liaoning Province 610 Office is in charge of this case. The 610 Office is a large organisation and it has control over everything. The 610 Office is the product of a unique historic period and it is directly headed by the Politics and Law Committee. Back in 2004, the judicial system, the legal system and the police held a conference to discuss Gao Rongrong's case. Right now the Politics and Law Committee is coordinating some of our cases. The 610 Office is in charge of handling Falun Gong. The documents you gave to the provincial Procuratorate have been turned over to the 610 Office as the 610 Office was handling this case in the first place. The 610 Office was then also directing the work of the provincial Procuratorate, and now the 610 Office is still responsible for Falun Gong cases. Its role remains the same."

Qin Chunzhi, the former head of the Prison Inspection Division of the Liaoning Province Procuratorate straightforwardly told the family, "You've come here many times, and I already told you clearly. I cannot make any decision on Gao Rongrong's case on my own. The Liaoning Province 610 Office, the secretary of the Liaoning Province Politics and Law Committee personally asked about this case. The Shenyang City 610 Office is personally handling this case. Do you think it's possible for me, a division head at the provincial procuratorate, to poke my nose into something that belongs to the Shenyang City CCP Committee? Let me make it clear to you: you said you wanted the injury examination report. Even if I had it, I wouldn't be able to give it to you! Which law states that you ought to have the final injury examination report? I won't even orally tell you about the results, because the leaders of the provincial Procuratorate have already told you that the provincial CCP Committee people have clearly told us that we should not get involved in this case."

The family called people at the Liaoning Province 610 Office who told them to call the Shenyang City 610 Office. Song, an official at the Shenyang City 610 Office said, "Go to the Procuratorate; we never had anything to do with it [Gao Rongrong's case]."

It becomes clear, judging from the responses of the two officials at the Liaoning Province Procuratorate, that head criminals Jiang Zemin and Luo Gan have spared no efforts in persecuting Falun Gong practitioners through the 610 Office and the Politics and Law Committee. The manner in which they orchestrated the murder of Gao Rongrong has clearly revealed that. No one in the network of persecution, including the ringleaders, accomplices and those who carried out the crimes, can escape justice.

Luo Gan personally ordered the arrest "at all costs" of Gao Rongrong and those Falun Gong practitioners who helped rescue her. Yu Fengsheng, the deputy secretary of the Liaoning Province Politics and Law Committee, took the lead and established a Special Case Group located at the Zhangshi Brainwashing Centre in Shenyang City. The judicial system, the police, the National Security Bureau, the 610 Office, the Politics and Law Committee and other government agencies cooperated with each other and devoted themselves to the persecution, and gained promotions.

After Gao Rongrong was arrested for the second time, the lawless officials thought that by killing her they could wipe out people's memory of the brutal torture they put her through, and negate the blood debt they owe Dafa practitioners. Shi Fengyou, a police officer who works at the Zhangshi Brainwashing Centre said, "We were most afraid that Gao Rongrong might go abroad. We kept thinking, 'Has she left China?'"

On June 16th, 2005, Gao Rongrong's parents watched their daughter die before their eyes at the Emergency Room of Shenyang Medical University. They spent one year in appeals, but their calls for justice fell on deaf ears. The law and civil rights have been trampled deep underground during the wicked Party's persecution against Falun Gong practitioners.

Phone numbers of organisations and individuals responsible for the persecution:

Liaoning Province Politics and Law Committee: 86-24-23865326
Liaoning Province Public Security Department: 86-24-86863555
Tang Junjie, deputy secretary of the Liaoning Province Politics and Law Committee and head of the Liaoning Province Comprehensive Administration Office
Zhu Jin: female, deputy secretary of the Liaoning Province Politics and Law Committee and head of 610 Office
Liaoning Province Legal Systems Office: 86-24-86892989
Secretary of the Liaoning Province CCP Committee: 86-24-2386700 (Office)
Deputy secretary of the Liaoning Province CCP Committee: 86-24-86906566 (Office)

Liaoning Province Politics and Law Committee: 86-24-23865326
Liaoning Province 610 Office: 86-24-83251610
Liaoning Province Procuratorate: 86-24-86686000 (main switchboard), 86-24-86686180 (Office)

Shenyang City 610 Office: 86-24-22701051, 86-24-23106009
Shenyang City Politics and Law Committee: 86-24-22718742
Shenyang City Police Department: main office, 86-24-23832677


1. "The 610 office" is an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems.

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