Austrian Federal Minister Asked to Raise Organ Harvesting Issues with her Chinese Counterpart

Rauch-Kallat [Maria Rauch-Kallat, Federal Minister for Health and Women in Austria] was asked to address human rights violations in China–especially concerning organ harvesting in Chinese slave forced camps, as reported on APA OTS (an Austrian Web site).

“Reliable sources report of secret Chinese death camps, where thousands of so-called “enemies” of the Chinese Communist regime, such as Falun Gong practitioners, are being held for one reason only: to steal their organs for international organ trade supply. The most dramatic happening in this is that the organs are taken from live and healthy people,” alleged the health official of the Grünen [Greens], Kurt Grünewald.

The Chinese Ministry of Health has decreed that from July the 1st 2006, such practice may become illegal up to a point. However the greatest concern is that the Chinese regime will destroy all evidence before July the 1st when this decree takes effect. “Given that concern, organ transplants have increased dramatically in China during the past weeks. Included in the above is that Chinese psychiatric clinics are also being used to re-educate so called “enemies of the State,” said Grünewald.

During the present meeting of European Union (EU) Ministers of Health in Vienna, the Chinese Minister of Health was also present. Therefore, Grünewald requested that Rauch-Kallat address human rights violations with her Chinese counter part. “We ask Minister Rauch-Kallat, and the media coalition, not-for-profits and lawyers, who are interested in finding out the truth, to support this effort. Human lives will be saved the faster an investigation is ordered,” said Grünewald

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