The Powerful Impact of Re-enacting the Organ Harvesting

On April the 28th 2006, to expose the actual situation of the persecution of Falun Gong in China, we organised an information day in Hamburg.

We also had thoughts of demonstrating the organ harvesting, alas we were only a few practitioners and thus did not have the manpower available do everything we wanted from the start of the event. Therefore, we began to distribute information material and demonstrated the exercises. We could see that the passersby were interested, but they didn’t seem that enthusiastic. I had the impression the most of them were busy shopping and strolling around, and were not that interested in what we did. Despite much effort by the practitioners in distributing flyers and telling the truth, we accomplished little and reached only a few of the many passersby.

One practitioner suggested that it would be a pity if we could not reach more people and our effort would be for nothing if we could not display the organ harvesting. I understood the deeper implication of that remark and that this opportunity to expose the persecution would pass if we did not grab it. We held the belief that we needed Chinese actors to give the scene the authentic touch. We discussed the situation for a few moments and came away from the discussion with the understanding that Western practitioners could demonstrate the scene, if the appropriate costumes were used. I came to understand that we had limited ourselves with our earlier understanding and the potency of our efforts could not reach its full potential, we had to immediately turn the situation around. Without much ado, I accepted the role of the surgeon and another practitioner accepted the role of the victim.

I noticed the horror in the face of the people around us

The minute we began with our demonstration, the attention of everyone was on us. I played the doctor who had sold his conscience for economic gains and thus became the henchman for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). I strapped the patient with two belts to the operating table to show that the patient had not agreed to the operation. Then I put a lot of red colour on the white sheet, which covered the pretend patient. I simulated the large abdominal incision and opened the pretend operating cut with two instruments.

I looked quickly around and noticed that many passersby had stopped and watched the scene. I demonstrated and gesticulated with my hands, indicating that this was more so slaughter than an operation. For example I cleaned my blood covered hands with red colour on my doctor’s robe, or I just shook my hands to let the so called blood drop down. At the end, I pulled with crude gestures a piece of pork liver from the pretend cut. With one hand I held the pot dripping red liquid from the organ, and in my other hand I held a few red coloured banknotes. I held up both, so the many pedestrians could see all of it. Most of the people made the connection, the doctor received money for this murder, which was covered in blood from the victim.

I saw the horror in the faces of the pedestrians, and many mouths were opened in shock. Many of them took the flyers or asked the practitioners for information. Some were very agitated and asked questions about the scene, and asked me what I was doing. After telling them the truth of the persecution and the organ harvesting, many said, “This is unbelievable. This is illegal and criminal. Why don’t the police do something about this?” I then explained that the police have a hand in the bloody business and are instrumental in the persecution. I could see the shock of this disclosure in their face. One spectator was of the opinion that this goes on in China because it is a different culture and that there were too many people.
This is an opinion just like that of the evil party culture see the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party . A young man who had participated in the scene explained immediately that this was not a question of culture or number of people in China, but that this is due to the evil behaviour by the communist regime.

Blood Money Stuck to the Hands of the Doctor
I noticed clearly the many families with children among the spectators. Not one of the parents stopped the children from viewing this gruesome exposure. One of the father’s, walking hand-in-hand with his son, came to a halt directly in front of the scene, just as if he wanted the youngster to learn that something like can never happen again in the future. This showed to me that our act was within the Fa (law or principles in Falun Gong) and the people did not want to be kept from the truth. Many told us that they agree with the way we are bringing the real truth to the public. They thanked us and wished us all the best in our activities.

Many people signed the petition and wanted to hear the full explanation of the concentration camps and the crimes committed by the CCP. I also noticed some Chinese people, who saw clearly all the scenes. Some wanted to poke fun at the scenes. Therefore, I pointed the money and the organs towards them and they immediately changed their attitude. They walked away, averting their eyes. I sincerely hope that they will recognise the evil spectre of the CCP and that they can free themselves of that spectre.

I could feel the hopelessness of the perpetrators of the crimes

Before closing I wish to share some of my thoughts and feelings I held when I acted out the scene of the organ harvesting. First I asked myself, as to how the doctors would feel, knowing that they had sold their conscience, and violated his/her oath that demanded that they protect lives. While demonstrating the operation, cutting the incision on the person tied to the operating table I felt like a butcher. I felt bitter and numbness and as if totally empty, when pretending to widen the incision and removing the organ. I asked myself, what is still human in this? Absolutely nothing!

I remembered Teacher’s Li’s words:

“Buddhism believes in samsara, which mentions the issue of asura. In fact, it refers to living beings in different dimensions, but they do not bear the human, inborn nature. To a great-enlightened person, they are at a very low level and are quite incompetent. Nevertheless, they are scary in the eyes of everyday people since they have a certain amount of energy. They regard everyday people as animals, so they enjoy feeding on people. In recent years, they also came out to teach qigong. What sorts of things are they? How can they look like human beings? They look very scary. Once you learn their things, you will have to go with them and become their species. In qigong practice, if some people have bad thoughts that agree with their mentality, they will come to teach these people. One righteous mind can subdue one hundred evils. If you do not pursue anything, no one will dare to bother you. If you develop an evil thought or go after something bad, they will come to give you a hand, and you will be following a demonic cultivation way. This problem can take place.” ( Zhuan Falun)

When I stood in front of the spectators, holding the “stolen” organ and the “blood tinged” money in my hands, I was very sad and tears came to my eyes. I think this were the tears of hopelessness of the sentient being who out of greed and the love for money had discarded their life and future.

When driving home at the end of the day, I felt that we were within the Fa with what we had done, and what we have given the people of this town today. I found that I was much stronger than earlier in the day, despite the gruesome demonstration and the effort it took today. My cultivation state during the past days was not good, but now, I could feel again the energy that comes from being within the Fa. I understood that I was given a cultivation opportunity when demonstrating the organ robbery, and that my poor cultivation state was corrected, and I had elevated to another level. At the same time, I felt that my wisdom deepened. This is just so great. Falun Gong is all harmonising. I felt the compassion of Teacher and was deeply touched.

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