Mayor attends London exhibition and says that he would like to learn the Falun Dafa exercises

A Falun Dafa exhibition was held at the Stratford library in the London Borough of Newham, UK. On 15 February 2002 the Mayor of Newham, Councillor Sukhdev Singh Marway, attended the exhibition. Practitioners explained the history of Falun Dafa and the details of the persecution as he closely examined all of the pictures. The Mayor then made a speech in which he made the following points:

· “Falun Dafa is a good thing”

· “I do not see what the threat is”

· “There is no politics in Falun Dafa”

· “I will try out the exercises”

· “Falun Dafa must be doing some good”

· “It is very good ... to expose Falun Dafa to the
community of Newham”

· “I congratulate you for giving people the
opportunity to learn about Falun Dafa”

· “ I wish you good luck”.

Schoolchildren view the exhibition

The Mayor of Newham meets UK Falun Gong practitioners

The Mayor of Newham makes a speech

The Mayor of Newham and his wife view the Falun Gong exhibition

UK practitioners

15 February 2002

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