Revealing the Facts to the Russian President

Zhang Cuiying's Art Exhibit was held in Moscow for five days; then, it was held in another place for four days. She has moved many people's hearts by using the art exhibit to reveal the truth and has created a great stir in Moscow. The Falun Dafa practitioners in Russia have doubled their efforts to clarify the truth completely to the media and upper level of society. They accompanied Ms. Zhang Cuiying along on the tour to explain the truth of how Jiang Zemin's regime has persecuted Falun Dafa with their own experiences. They took turns to visit the congressmen, or go to the TV station to clarify the true story directly to the Russian general public. The outcome is very obvious.

Today is the day scheduled for President Putin to receive visits from social organizations and representatives from each region. The Falun Dafa Association in Russia was scheduled to visit him. Our representatives walked into the visiting hall in a dignified manner. We gave other representatives newspapers to reveal the truth to them. We also hand delivered Falun Dafa books, our cover letter, and materials to clarify the truth to President Putin. President Putin announced to all representatives in the hall, "I will read all these letters." This is a major breakthrough in promoting the Fa and clarifying the truth to the upper level society and Russian Government.

Since then, the Russian National TV Station and Cultural TV Station have reported positively about Falun Gong and Ms. Zhang's art exhibit. The program was aired on the AM/PM time slot continuously for two days. There has been a strong reaction among Moscow residents. Many people have expressed their interest in learning Falun Gong.

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