A Falun Gong Practitioner's Father Resists the Persecution

A Falun Gong practitioner from Shandong Province was detained at the Wangcun Brainwashing Centre in Zibo City. The officials forced his father to accompany him. The father and son had to pay 100 yuan1 a day for "living expenses," but they received only one or two pancakes for each of their three meals every day, which was barely enough to live on. The father went to talk to the appropriate officials to ask for justice, but they responded by asking, "Why do you let your son practise Falun Gong?" The old man angrily replied, "You are really bleeding people dry! My son practises Falun Gong to be a good person, and nobody in the village thinks he is bad. You, on the other hand, detain him and don't let him be a good person. Would you rather see people committing murder and arson?"

The official had nothing to say in response. The father's argument got the attention of the centre's director. He went to the father and said, "If you don't want to stay here, you can go home." The elderly man replied, "Go home? I would worry! If you occasionally persecute my son while I am here, who knows how badly you would torture him if I left? You guys have persecuted many Falun Gong practitioners to death. If anything should happen to my son, who knows what excuse you would make up? I will not go home unless he goes with me."

The director was afraid that the father would rouse the family members of other practitioners and felt he had no choice but to release them both.

Father and son were detained at the Wangsun Brainwashing Centre for a total of 50 days and were forced to pay 5,000 yuan.

The practitioner's detention took place during the busy farming season. His family had two acres of wheat that needed sowing. If this were delayed, it would adversely affect the yield. But only his wife was at home, and she was not able to do this much heavy work, so 13 practitioners from the surrounding area came to help. They brought their own lunches and worked very hard for an entire day to sow the two acres. When the villagers saw this, they were all astonished and praised the practitioners, saying, "Falun Gong practitioners are really good people!"

In this way, the practitioners exposed the lies of the Chinese Communist Party by their actions. They made people realise that the propaganda on TV and in the newspapers was all made up and that Falun Gong practitioners are kind people.

While the practitioner and his father were held at the brainwashing centre, practitioners from the surrounding area sent forth righteous thoughts every night at 8:00 and 9:00 p.m. The detained practitioner, for his part, resisted the persecution with righteous actions and an upright mind, practising the Falun Gong exercises and sent forth righteous thoughts every day. Eventually he and his father walked out of the brainwashing centre openly and righteously.

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