Luo Gan Exposes Evidence of His Crimes of Genocide

An international legal forum on "How to Prevent Genocide" was held in Stockholm, Sweden in January 2004. Human rights lawyers and NGOs (Non-governmental Organisations) from the United States, Canada, Taiwan, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Finland and Sweden attended. They reached the unanimous conclusion that the persecution of Falun Gong in China is in fact genocide, according to the definition of genocide and related laws and cases.

It is well-known that Jiang Zemin is the main perpetrator who initiated the genocide of Falun Gong practitioners. What about Luo Gan? What is his role in the persecution? As the head of the 610 Office1 system in China, Luo Gan has also committed the crime of genocide. There is evidence that comes directly from the many public speeches that he gave in support of the persecution of Falun Gong.

Intentionally Committing Crimes: Public Speeches Given to Intensify the Persecution

According to the World Organisation to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong (WOIPFG), in 2001 to 2003 when the persecution was most severe, Luo Gan gave at least eight public speeches requesting the political and judicial system in China to list Falun Gong as the most important "target of attack." The genocide of Falun Gong practitioners was then, and is still today, carried out openly and systematically.

Whenever Luo Gan gave a speech or went somewhere to personally oversee local "progress," the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in that area or all of China would intensify.

For instance, on August 29th, 2000, two days after Luo Gan gave a speech at the "Experience Exchanging and Reward Meeting of Education and Transformation Work of Ministry of Justice" (also known As the "Transformation Speech"), Boxun News Net reported, "Beijing plans to increase the effort to persecute Falun Gong and to eradicate it within three months." The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) policy to persecute Falun Gong by "defaming Falun Gong's reputation, bankrupting Falun Gong practitioners financially, and destroying them physically" and "eliminating Falun Gong in three months" was exposed by the Falun Dafa Information Centre. It showed that the CCP had been preparing for the massive persecution.

Beginning in September of 2000, Luo Gan went to several cities in China to check on their local efforts in carrying out the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. He went to Weifang City in Shandong Province, Wuhan in Hubei Province, Nanchang City in Jiangxi Province, Changchun City in Jilin Province, Anhui Province, Liaoning Province, Jiaozuo City in Henan Province, Shenyang City, and Xingkaihu at Jixi in Heilongjiang Province.

Even after the truth had been unveiled to the international community, and even with more people against the persecution, Luo Gan still gave public speeches encouraging the intensification of efforts to persecute Falun Gong.

In his speech at the "National Political and Judicial Working Meeting" on December 7th, 2004; in an article published on Qiu Shi magazine in February 2005; and in his speech at the "Hero and Models with Meritorious Service in National Public Security Area Assembly Meeting" on August 25th, 2005, Luo repeatedly emphasised continuing the persecution of Falun Gong.

In September of 2005, several days after Luo gave a public speech, the CCP started to round up and detain large numbers of Falun Gong practitioners everywhere in China. Many were seriously tortured.

The Persecution is Carried Out Systematically

Evidence shows that Luo Gan directed and planned the persecution. He manipulated Public Security (the police), the forced labour camp system, the so-called "Social Order General Management" and others in the political and judicial system to carry out the persecution. Not only that, he also overrode other sectors of the CCP and its regime.

Luo Gan said in his "Transformation Speech" that since October of 1999, the forced labour education and judicial system of all provinces in China, except for Tibet, has detained Falun Gong practitioners. Furthermore, several million practitioners suffer from the persecution of "transformation" or brainwashing. The speech directly exposed how widespread the persecution was and that the victims were from all walks of life, including senior intellectuals, and central government personnel.

According to Luo, "Someone detained at the Masanjia Forced Labour Camp was an associate professor, and a senior intellectual. Dalian City successfully "transformed" two PhD students; [while] the Beijing Forced Labour Bureau has nine Falun Gong practitioners sent by the central government agency. They [practitioners] are people with PhDs or Masters Degrees; most have high education..."

Luo's Speeches Expose Persecution Methods

To try to force Falun Gong practitioners to give up their beliefs, Jiang, Luo and their henchmen use all possible ways and various methods of torture. Luo said, "Use 1000f your effort when it comes to practitioners who can be "transformed," even if there is only a one percent possibility." He also revealed detailed methods of how to do this:

1. In the forced labour camps, "deprive them of their personal freedom and their right to freedom of belief."

Regarding practitioners who are sent to the labour camps, Luo Gan ordered that, "[The labour camps should be] willing to accept [the practitioners], take full control of them, and achieve a good 'transformation' [result]."

Luo claimed, "Forced labour education is a relatively heavy punishment; it has a special effect on 'transformed' Falun Gong practitioners."

From Luo's "Transformation Speech", the method of persecution can be clearly seen--the use of physical isolation, mental isolation, and repeated torture and brainwashing (or psychological control) until practitioners are forced to give up their belief (or are so-called "transformed"). To carry out this type of persecution, Luo recommends to the labour camps that communication between Falun Gong practitioners inside and outside the labour camps should be completely cut off [that is, physically and mentally isolate them] to decrease any "mental interference" to the detained practitioners; there needs to be "strict management" (referring to the use of physical punishment and torture) and the policy of "mainly through education method" (referring to brainwashing and mental isolation); the use of specific time to "study and think" (to repeatedly increase brainwashing and psychological control), and "help them (practitioners) gradually understand ..." (force people to completely give up the belief).

A Falun Gong practitioner who was detained at Beijing Xin'an Women's Forced Labour Camp gave a detailed account of the persecution she suffered. The practitioner said, "They used four steps to torture and 'transform' practitioners. The first step is physical torture. When the body physically suffers to the extreme, it is easier for the [victim] to have a mental breakdown. The second step is to put practitioners under constant mental attack. The perpetrators use various twisted understandings of Falun Gong to confuse practitioners. The third step is to physically isolate a practitioner and then use psychological control. Sometimes, the three steps are applied repeatedly until the victim completely breaks down mentally. Once a practitioner is 'transformed,' the last step is to sing 'The Same Song' as a final announcement of the successful brainwashing."

2. Instigate all the people in society to get involve in the persecution.

Luo's speech also revealed that the persecution was based on the hate propaganda used to instigate the public (who do not know the truth) to get involved and directly implement the persecution. He said, "Mobilise all the elements in the society," as high as the, "Central government departments, such as the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Labour and Social Security, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Personnel, [and] ...all departments and local CCP government," to as low as "the communities, residency administration offices, and workplaces." Luo emphasised in his speech that the "transformation" work of forced labour education units was an important part of overall "education transformation" in the society. It shows that the number of people involved in the persecution, and the number of victims, is unprecedented in history.

3. Connect responsibility for the persecution to every level of power.

In 2001, Luo Gan specifically mentioned in his speech at the "National Public Security Maintenance Workshop" that, "Cooperate with related units, organise the effort at the basic level... [to carry out the persecution.]" A report by the World Organisation to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong showed that the usual adopted system or policy to persecute Falun Gong included a "Comprehensive maintenance of public security leadership responsibility system."

For example, the Ningxia Provincial CCP Committee and local government appointed the top personnel of the party and government as the "frontline responsible person" who was in charge of implementing the leadership responsibility investigation policy. This type of system, forced every official, at each level of government, to shoulder responsibilities in the persecution. Whoever was "loose" on the work of "education and transformation" would face investigation. The Hefei city government (in Anhui Province) wrote up a so-called "Regulation Regarding Leadership Responsibility of 'Falun Gong' Work." The regulation clearly stated, "Whoever is in charge is the person who carries the responsibility." The leaders of all the workplaces/units that have Falun Gong practitioners as employees have to sign a related responsibility agreement. If "problems" occurred at work, these leaders were directly responsible, while the upper level leaders were indirectly responsible. The Beijing City Forced Labour Education Bureau implemented the policy by insisting that the "top personnel" of the party and government act as the frontline responsible person(s), and detailed the responsibility for every leader in each level, with each upper level being in charge of the level below.

In the forced labour camps, it was the upper level authorities that would assign tasks on how to "deal" with the detained Falun gong practitioners, while the lower level personnel carried them out. As mentioned in Luo's "Transformation Speech," every local forced labour camp, "Has to guarantee to successfully have detention [of Falun Gong practitioners] assignment done." The speech also revealed that the basic requirement for the forced labour camps was to force all of the practitioners to give up their belief in Falun Gong.

4. People who persecute Falun Gong are rewarded.

Luo said, "The excellent groups and individuals receiving applause this time are the models in this area." These words directly confirmed that the officials and police who actively persecute Falun Gong practitioners received awards from the CCP.

5. The persecution is prolonged and cruel.

Luo repeatedly mentioned in his public speeches the so-called "long-term, complicated and difficult [situation]," indicating that the persecution is long term and brutal.

For example, he requires that the forced labour education system, "Must do a thorough and complete work on people's thoughts under the reality situation," referring to forced brainwashing. To prevent people who are "transformed" against their will to practise Falun Gong again, Luo said, "The forced labour camps need to build up a regular communication and feedback system with the workplaces that have Falun Gong practitioners. When they [Falun Gong practitioners] are released, the communities and residency offices should keep on doing 'thought' work on them. The forced labour camps should set up a communication with those 'transformed' practitioners' workplaces, regularly check the feedback information, and see if they are practising again."

From Luo's speech, the detailed persecution methods include: using the so-called "model" of "transformed" people to work with the CCP to "transform" other Falun Gong practitioners, develop a method, collect experiences, and spread the "experience" of persecuting practitioners to the whole country.

Luo Gan Will Receive Due Retribution

Luo Gan has been sued for "torture," "crimes against humanity" and "genocide" in the United States, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Taiwan, Korea, Iceland, Finland, Armenia, Moldova and Argentina. He is also on the watch list of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and on the list submitted to the US government that requests that he is denied entry into the US.

We believe that in the near future, more evidence will surface about Luo's crimes against humanity and of genocide. The day when Luo Gan is brought to justice is getting ever closer.


1. The 610 office is an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems.

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