FALUN GONG INFORMATION CENTRE (UK) PRESS RELEASE: 4 British Practitioners Amongst 14 Westerners Arrested in Beijing



Four British Falun Gong practitioners were among 14 Westerners arrested today in Beijing. The UK practitioners who have been arrested are: Lee Hall, 21, an English student at Loughborough University; Earl Rhodes, 36, a BBC cameraman; Rosemary Katzen, 42, a senior tutor with LET Training Services; and Robert Gibson, 70, a retired osteopath. Latest information reaching us suggests that around 50 police burst into the hotel in which they were staying and took them away. Two policemen dragged Rosemary Katzen from the room - one pulling her hair. Another policeman pushed Robert Gibson and manhandled Earl Rhodes. One tried to knock Earl over with an open van door.

There is no reason for the police to attack these practitioners who were peacefully travelling through Beijing as tourists. They have not broken any of the laws of China. The practitioners are currently (10 pm UK time) being held in a hotel near the airport. The top floor has been especially furnished with metal detectors and x-ray machines. So far they have not been allowed to contact the British Embassy.

We urge the British Government to act swiftly to obtain the release of these practitioners.

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