Cruel Policemen Beat Practitioners Mercilessly and Encourage Corruption, Greed and Violence in Others

January 20, 2002

At the end of the year 2000, three practitioners, Dai Guomin, Dai Shengxi, and one other went to Beijing to legally appeal for Falun Dafa, but they were detained at the Appeals Office. When they were escorted back to Macheng City by Fuzihe Police Station, it was already around 4:00 a.m. The policemen handcuffed each practitioner to a tree with their hands behind their back, and each policeman took an instrument of torture under the direction of the police chief. The first policeman beat the practitioners with a leather whip. When the first whip broke, another policeman took a turn. There were spikes on the second police officer's whip. When he used it, the spikes would hit each other and cause sparks. When he got tired, a third police officer continued with another leather whip, which had many smaller spikes. The three practitioners were beaten until their bodies were covered with blood and cuts from the spikes.

The cruellest police officer was He Zhi. He used a rubber baton to beat practitioners with all his strength, leaving large bruises and wounds on the practitioners' bodies. In the chilly winter, he poured cold water on them.

Practitioner Dai Shengxi was almost beaten to death. Several policemen exhausted all of their strength in order to remove the handcuffs to release him for a while, and then handcuffed him again. This brutal beating lasted from 4:00 a.m. until 10:00 a.m. when the head and the party secretary of Yangchong Village came. The village head asked Dai Guomin, "Why did you go to Beijing?" Dai answered, "We went to clarify the truth to the government." Upon hearing this, the policemen initiated another round of brutal beating. They used red-hot pokers to burn his skin and then poured cold water on him.

In the police station, Falun Dafa practitioners have suffered all kinds of brutal torture. They were kept handcuffed until the next morning, when they were transferred to a storage room for firewood.
In the storage room, Ye Guangming, the Secretary of the Political and Judicial Committee of Fuzihe Township, led more than 10 thugs to beat and torture them. Supervisor Chen of the Armed Forces Section kicked Dai Shengxi in the chest several times, and then kicked Dai Guomin on the ear, causing profuse bleeding immediately. Chen still would not stop and kicked Dai Guomin's throat, causing Dai to choke and gag.

Ye Guangming then took his gang and searched Dai Shengxi's home. He lied to Dai's family, telling them that Dai would be sentenced and his house would be torn down unless they paid 20,000 Yuan [the average monthly income in rural China is about 200 Yuan] in 3 days. Dai's wife's aunt, Mao Jianhua, was the head of the women's committee in the village and lived in the same area. Under such circumstances, his wife could only trust her and wish to get help from her. However, unexpectedly, Mao Jianhua turned on her relatives out of greed.

The Secretary of the Political and Judicial Committee, Ye Guangming, promised Mao a promotion and money if she could convince Dai's wife to turn in 20,000 Yuan. He told her that she would be rewarded and even receive extra money for reporting a practitioner. Thus, Ye Guanming and others went to Dai's home several times a day. After they left, the village officials came. After the officials left, the aunt came. They exhausted all means to try to persuade Dai's wife to borrow the money. Dai's wife had to beg each of her relatives to come up with the money. At the same time, they transferred Dai Shengxi to a brainwashing class. There, Ye Guangming invited local thugs including Dai Huimin to beat practitioners relentlessly. Dai Shengxi was not released until they received the money on his fourth day in the brainwashing class.

Dai Guomin is still being illegally detained in the new Wuchang City Shizishan Forced Labour Camp, which also serves as a drug rehabilitation camp. The officials detained many practitioners together with drug addicts, and the practitioners have suffered terribly.

Some of the above criminals who persecuted practitioners have already received their retribution according to heavenly principles:

1. Ye Guangming, the Secretary of Political and Judicial Committee of Fuzihe: He was removed from his post and demoted.

2. Dai Huimin, the thug who beat practitioners in the brainwashing class and arrested practitioners from various locations: His son beat and hurt several students in middle school. Later, his wife took money from his home and ran away with another man.

3. Mao Jianhua, head of the Women's Committee of Yangchong village: In order to be promoted and to gain money, she stole money and property from practitioners together with Ye Guangming and turned in 2 practitioners. During June and July of 2001, her stomach suddenly became swollen, and her condition still persists after continual treatment. The doctor cannot diagnose the disease.

4. The chief of Fuzihe Police Station: He has been detained for embezzlement and accepting bribes.

Good will be rewarded with good, and evil will be met with evil.

Please call the Shizishan Forced Labour Camp to help stop this evil persecution from continuing: 86-27-7399254


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