Chinese People Know the Truth in Their Hearts and Are Not Easily Fooled

A former elementary school classmate of mine whom I haven't seen for a long time said to me, "When I saw the Tiananmen 'self-immolation incident' on TV, I analysed and discussed it with my colleagues at my work unit. The gas burned so fast and the fire extinguisher was immediately brought out, and they were all big ones. If they [the government] want to accuse you, they will come up with some excuses. But actually, the Chinese people are not easily fooled."

Slandering pictures were hung up in my neighbourhood. I went to the officials at the security department, saying, "This is deceiving innocent people and libelling and slandering Dafa practitioners." The section chief said, "If we don't post those pictures, a half-year's bonus will be deducted from our salaries. We know the truth in our hearts, but they have the power and we dare not fight them." Many people already know the truth in their hearts and are not easily fooled.


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