Situations in Anshan Forced Labour Camp and Haicheng Detention Centre

Liaoning Province

Some former practitioners who have turned against Dafa formed a TV team in Anshan Forced Labour Camp, and made up a ten-episode TV series slandering Dafa. The content is extreme propaganda, and they probably will broadcast it starting on New Year's Day of 2002.

The partial list of the former practitioners who have turned against Dafa is: Cao Wei, Yu Zhijie, Wang Tianguang, Zhang Zhongrong, Zhang Zifeng, Li Yi, Wu Xiaoxue, Zhang Yingtang and Gao Jian.

This March, the persecution of Dafa practitioners in Haicheng Detention Centre was severe. The gate guard wouldn't allow practitioners to talk. If they did they would be threatened and slapped. The supervising guard stripped away the practitioners' sweaters and heavy pants [In northern part of China, a type of heavy pants made of wool are commonly worn to protect against the cold], and only let them wear light pants. Starting from the entrance gate, practitioners were not allowed to wear shoes, and they had to walk to the cells bare foot. When they were sent to Anshan City, practitioners asked for their sweaters and heavy pants but none were returned. In Haicheng Detention Centre, only two pieces of small fist-sized corn bread were given for each meal and it was sometimes half-cooked. In addition, the corn bread contained sand and sometimes was mildewed. The soup contained no oil or vegetables, but had insects and dirt. When there was an inspection from superiors, they were forced to say that they had meat in their dishes while actually they had not. They were also asked to recite their "five rights" including filing a complaint, suing somebody, appealing, reporting unfair treatment etc. but none of the rights were actually granted.
In every cell there is a cell head. They cooperate with each other utilizing inmates to do their bidding, and forbidding them from telling anybody. They set the frequency and length of time for using the restroom. If their rules are not followed, inmates would be cursed or beaten.

This is my eyewitness account.


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