Is Sun Kong "Getting Political?"

Sun Wukong

If you have read the Chinese classic novel "Journey to the West," you no doubt loved the stories of how Sun Kong eliminated demons. Do you remember the story about the Wuji Kingdom? A demon killed the king of the Wuji Kingdom and disguised himself as the king. Sun Kong saw through his trick with his sharp eyes. However, the demon had deceived the people so much that even the prince wouldn't believe Sun Kong. It wasn't until Sun Kong eliminated the demon and brought the king back to life that the royal court began to believe Sun. What would you think if someone said Sun was getting political and wanted the power of the kingdom? You'd think it was ridiculous! Sun's mission was to protect the Tang monk on his journey to the west so that all could benefit from the Buddhist scriptures gained at the end of the trip.

By the same token, Falun Gong practitioners, whose faith is "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance," know that returning to their origins is the purpose of life. They know that in order to achieve this goal, one should let go of any pursuit of worldly fame and fortune. They would never get involved in political struggles. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has spread monstrous lies about Falun Gong through its absolute control of the media, and it has made many people hate Falun Gong and conduct wrongdoings against Falun Gong without knowing it. To prevent the poisoning of people's minds, Falun Gong practitioners risk their lives to tell people the facts. Don't you think it is ridiculous that the CCP uses "Falun Gong getting political" as a pretext for the persecution?

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