French Deputy’s Letter of Support

Philippe CHAULET
Mayor of BOUILLANTE City
Member of the Region Council

Paris, Wednesday, December 12th 2001

RE : Human Rights in China

Dear President,

I had the honour to receive your letter dated November 18th, 2001 thereby you were drawing my attention to the repression organized by the Chinese authorities against Falun Gong practitioners, who are illegally detained, forced into mental hospitals, even tortured and killed.

I cannot remain Insensitive to the repression campaign led against those people, for the mere reason that they belong to a spiritual movement, I was sincerely angered by the testimonies you recounted to me.

As you know, the French State and the European Union have already taken a stand on those actions that violate our fundamental principles.

I take the initiative to pass your letter to the French Parliament's Friendship Group France – China, in order to allow for a massive mobilization within our Parliament on this delicate issue.

In any case, those serious human rights violations require us to remain vigilant at every moment.

Please receive, Dear President (of the Falun Dafa Association of Guadeloupe), my kindest regards.

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