A Western Practitioner’s Fax to Chinese Police Stations

As my understanding is that it’s important to clarify the truth to the Chinese people and also warn the evildoers so they may still have a chance to repent I decided to send faxes to Chinese Police Stations. After writing it in English, a Chinese practitioner translated it. There are no Chinese practitioners where I live but I e-mailed it to another practitioner who e-mailed it to another practitioner (Chinese) who did the translation. We practitioners are surely one body, if one needs help with something, there’s always someone who is eager to help out.

This is the letter:

I also made several copies of the letter and gave it to Chinese people I met, noticing that a personal letter in some ways seems to be better than flyers. One Chinese person, after reading it, even thanked me for trying to help the Chinese people.

This experience made me and my wife think that it could be a good idea for us to write a personal letter about our experience of practising Falun Gong and why we do this, and, together with the flyers hand it over to Chinese people.

Practitioner in Greece

31 December 2001

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