The Terrible Situation at the Second Detention Centre in Harbin City

Heilongjiang Province
1. At the detention centre in Harbin City, the guards began to force-feed Dafa practitioners who had gone on hunger strikes. The detention centre established contact with the units handling the case. Not long after, they sent the Dafa practitioners on hunger strikes to the Wanjia Forced Labour Camp for further persecution.

2. The guards illegally held Dafa practitioners for a long period. Some practitioners who have been illegally detained for over half a year, still have not been released.

3. The illegally detained Dafa practitioners had no freedom at all. They were physically punished and forced to sit still for a long period of time. The practitioners were forced to sit cross-legged and straight, with their hands on the knees and heads facing forward. They had to stay in the same position for a long time (from 8:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.). They were not allowed to move at all. In addition, some practitioners were cursed by the guards simply because they laughed during a conversation. The guards became sterner and viciously punished all the prisoners. They even didn't allow them to sleep. The practitioners were not allowed to use the toilet. Whenever the practitioners broke the slightest rule, the guards cursed them, punished them, beat them up, put shackles on them and forced them to sit in the iron chair.

4. The trade of the small store inside the detention centre was brisk. All of the people detained had to buy things there. The cost was always more than 2 or 3 times the market price. It's needless to say the detainees were always given the short shrift. In addition, they were also charged one extra Yuan for the invoice fee.

We hereby tell all the people of the world that good is rewarded with good, and evil with evil.


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