UK: Falun Gong Group is Praised at London New Year Parade

Nearly 8,000 people were invited to participate in London’s annual Lord Mayor’s New Year Parade on January 1st. This magnificent event was watched on television by people around the world. Falun Gong’s performance was welcomed and praised.

To demonstrate the beauty of Dafa and let people know the facts about the persecution, Dafa practitioners decorated a float, dressed in traditional Chinese costumes and prepared colourful banners. They demonstrated traditional Chinese culture with two different types of performances: some practitioners played waist drums and many female practitioners performed a Chinese fan dance. A musician, who is also a practitioner, composed a special song that served as a basis for the Chinese waist drum performance.

Nearly one hundred unique performing groups participated in this parade. The Falun Gong group was appreciated as the only oriental performance and received applause from spectators as it passed. Using loudspeakers throughout the parade, the parade commentators introduced Falun Dafa as a practice based on Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance, and also talked about the award practitioners won at the Edinburgh Arts Festival in 2002 and 2003. As well as the practitioners marching in the parade, there were others who distributed information to the public.

The UK New Year Parade in London has been held annually since 1987. Its aim is to celebrate the New Year. The parade starts from Parliament Square, goes through Piccadilly Circus and ends up at the Ritz Hotel in Berkeley Street.

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