UK: Promoting Falun Dafa in Swansea after Christmas

After the Christmas break, on December the 27th, the shops re-opened and shoppers flocked to the high-streets for the sales. Welsh and English Falun Dafa practitioners seized this precious opportunity to hold a demonstration of the Falun Gong exercises right in the centre of the Welsh city of Swansea. Hundreds of people witnessed the beauty of the 5 sets of slow-moving gentle exercises, and many of them took truth-clarification materials from the practitioners.

The weather was a little wet but it did not affect the event much. The practitioners involved set up an information stand displaying posters introducing the exercises of Falun Dafa and exposing the persecution against Falun Dafa practitioners in China. During the event, the practitioners demonstrated the exercises, handed out leaflets and collected signatures from passersby for appealing for an immediate release of UK residents' family members incarcerated in China. They are being held in custody merely because they would not give up their beliefs in Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance.

Many people stopped at the Falun Dafa stand while busily shopping in the street. They read about the persecution carefully and were deeply shocked by the wide extent of human rights offences in China. Quite a lot people came to the desk, asking to sign the petition forms prepared by the practitioners. Sometimes a whole family came and signed the petition forms in turn. The forms ran out at an unexpected speed and the practitioners had to make do with some sheets of an older version of the form in the latter part of the day. The local people have demonstrated their sense of righteousness and their support to basic human rights through these actions. .

There were also some Chinese people passing by during the day. It could be seen clearly that their attitudes towards Dafa have been changing, and more and more overseas Chinese people have learned of the truth of the persecution. For instance, two young Chinese people came to the stand and read about the information displayed carefully. When handed truth clarification materials by a practitioner, they said that they have noticed that reports on Falun Dafa were so different in the UK compared to what they have seen in China. And recently they have gotten to know the truth of the persecution from an overseas Chinese newspaper, the Epoch Times. Their remarks have proved again that the propaganda produced by the state machinery of China has failed, and that it will not be able to deceive Chinese people for much longer.

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