Germany: Supporting the Lawsuit Against Jiang in Karlsruhe City

On the 13th of December 2003, German Dafa practitioners from Karlsruhe and neighbouring cities gathered near the German Supreme Court. Their purpose was to inform the general public about the lawsuit filed in Germany against Jiang Zemin, and to make a peaceful appeal for Berlin University student Xiong Wei’s release from imprisonment in China. The indictment of the lawsuit, which accuses sixteen Chinese government officials, including Jiang Zemin, of Genocide, Torture and Crimes Against Humanity, was submitted to Germany’s Supreme Court in Karlsruhe.

This event followed the activities held accross Germany on December 10th, World Human Rights Day, in the cities of Hannover, Heidelberg, Berlin, Munich, Regensburg and Frankfurt. Although there was light rain on December 13th, many people stopped watch the activities and encourage practitioners to hold more events like this, so that more people will have an opportunity to learn the truth about the persecution.

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