Austria: Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts and Clarifying the Facts on World Human Rights Day

December the 10th is World Human Rights Day. Dafa practitioners in Vienna, Austria gathered at the Stephansplatz to expose the slanderous lies that the Jiang regime has fabricated to deceive the general public, and to explain tol people the facts about the brutal persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners in China. After reading the banners and watching the exercise demonstrations, many people asked for more information from the practitioners. There were also some Chinese visitors at the square. They were astonished to see so many westerners practising Faun Gong. They stopped to watch, and told practitioners that the Chinese media are manipulated and all report the same thing. They complained that the Chinese government carries out politically-motivated activities very often and that life in China is very difficult. They also said that the Chinese government should not have persecuted Falun Gong.

Near the end of the activities, a famous Austrian government official met practitioners when he was taking a walk through the town. He also accepted information materials from the practitioners.

On the same day, Dafa practitioners in the Austrian city of Salzburg sent forth righteous thoughts near the Christmas Market, and distributed truth-clarifying materials to passers-by. As well as accepting the information, many people also offered their sincere blessing.

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