UK MP raises a Question about the Misuse of Article 23 against Falun Gong in Hong Kong

On the 1st of September, 2003, UK MP Mr. Gregory Barker raised a question in the House of Commons to ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs what steps have been made to assess the Chinese Government's use of Article 23 against the practise of Falun Gong in Hong Kong.

Mr. Rammell, the head of the UK Foreign Ministry’s department for China/ Hong Kong, responded by stating that in particular he welcomed the recent decision to remove the proposed new provisions regarding the proscription of Hong Kong organisations, that are subordinate to organisations that have been proscribed by the Mainland on security grounds, from the legislation. This was one of the main concerns that the people of Hong Kong and of the international community had and they had repeatedly expressed their concern regarding this issue. He also said that they would continue to follow this issue closely.

From a House of Commons Hansard, 1 Sept 2003: Column 796W

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