UK: Dafa Practitioners in Scotland and Northern England got together to Study the Fa

On September the 20th and the 21st 2003, Dafa practitioners in Scotland and Northern England studied the Fa [principles and teachings of Falun Gong] together in Edinburgh. At the same time, they held a computer training session for Dafa practitioners.

For a long period of time, Dafa practitioners in Scotland have lagged behind in computer skills and relied on fellow practitioners’ help in other areas. In recent times Dafa practitioners in Scotland bought four computers. Practitioners have become more and more conscious of not waiting, not relying on others and getting rid of more ordinary concepts that constrain one’s capability. Instead, practitioners now believe that they should take the initiative. As long as it is beneficial to Fa-Rectification, they will learn how to do it.

The computer training is a learning process, as well as a cultivation process. Due to recent changes, there is only one Dafa practitioner left in a certain city in Scotland. In the past, this practitioner had a relatively strong mentality of depending on others. In the training session, however, she volunteered to learn and did not go to bed till it was very late. She did not want to miss out on anything. Everyone was laughing at her dramatic change in direction. She said that she had no choice as there was no one left to depend on. She could only do it by herself.

Practitioners in Northern England patiently taught the practitioners from Scotland. As time was tight and there were a lot of people to be taught, the teacher did not take a rest until early the next morning. Before this, he has been providing support to practitioners in technical areas. It was only when practitioners found a lot of data in his computer was it realised that he had spent a lot of time reading up on information before he could provide help.

In a short period of two days, practitioners moved one step further in their cultivation.

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