Switzerland: Press Release on the Hong Kong Trial and Launching a Lawsuit against Jiang

Swiss nationals persecuted for defending human rights take action …

To denounce human rights violations in China is considered as “stealing State secrets” and liable to a sentence of forced labour.

To go to Tiananmen Square and quite simply to unfurl a banner displaying the three words: “Truth – Benevolence – Tolerance” will cost you dearly: arrest, aggression, battering, imprisonment and expulsion without explanation for these practitioners from Zürich, Daniel Ulrich, Richard Kleinert, Silvan Fedier and Victor Fernandez, in November 2001.

To go to Hong Kong which is still subject to the British legal system, to call for an end to the persecution following the order given by the former Chinese president Jiang Zemin – i.e. to shoot on sight practitioners in China – is also expensive: arrest, sentencing, a travesty of justice lasting eight weeks with the aim of destroying these Swiss practitioners, Simone Schlegel, Erich Bachmann, Roland Isenschmid, Quoc Duy Lam – with an unacceptable verdict of guilty, thus obliging them to appeal and so accumulate new expenses.

To be able to continue to speak on behalf of the hundreds of thousands of Falun Gong practitioners detained and tortured in China, the Swiss practitioners, victims of the persecution, have decided to take action and to ask for compensation.

We invite you to the press conference...

To learn more about the September 3rd appeal for the "Obstruction Case", please see http://www.clearharmony.net/articles/200309/14819.html

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