Let us Work Together to Truly Bring jiang to Justice (UK Fa Conference 2003)

Greetings Master. Greetings fellow practitioners.

I would like to take this opportunity to share with you some experiences I have had in clarifying the truth about the global lawsuits against Jiang Zemin. When I first heard about the lawsuit filed against Jiang in Chicago, I really felt that it was a momentous and important step in Fa-Rectification. The article from the Clearwisdom Editors called “Bring Jiang Zemin to Justice In the Court of Morality, In the Court of Conscience, and In Courts of Law All Over the World” helped me understand more about the importance of bringing Jiang to Justice, not just in the court of law, but in the hearts and minds of all sentient beings around the world. Jiang is a manifestation of the old forces in the human world. Every person of every nationality, practitioner or non-practitioner, young or old, man or woman, can help clear away the evil old forces’ manifestation in this most surface dimension by having a heart of righteousness and by supporting bringing Jiang to justice. But for this to happen, we practitioners must let the world’s people know the truth about Jiang’s crimes.

After I first heard about the lawsuit, I realised that as a piece of news, this is important and interesting to people from all walks of society. I wanted to let people know about it and let them see the true nature of Jiang’s evil crimes. If a person wants to bring Jiang to Justice, what they are really doing is positioning themselves amidst the old forces’ arrangements. However, my first thoughts were “I don’t know anything about law – how can I clarify the truth about the lawsuit?” I studied Fa and thought for a long time about how I can do well in clarifying the truth about the global campaign to bring Jiang to Justice. Then I realised that my thinking on the lawsuit was not correct and this was blocking me.

During the past two years of my cultivation, I have experienced the unlimited wisdom given to practitioners by the Fa to clarify the truth, when our hearts are righteous and when we do things based on the Fa. I naturally assumed that Bringing Jiang to Justice required learning some new legal skills. However, then I realised, the lawsuit is not an isolated event in Fa-Rectification – Bringing Jiang to Justice is a step in Fa-Rectification that all practitioners can make. It is not an activity that those who know about law take part in whilst others do something else – it is for all Fa-Rectification Period Dafa Disciples in this period of time. After I enlightened to this, the path for me to take seemed simple and straightforward. I did not need to learn any new skills. All I had to do was make use of the skills that I have developed so far. Every practitioner has their own skills and talents that they can use in this Fa-Rectification and every practitioner can make use of their abilities to create a force of momentum and truly Bring Jiang to Justice. The evil regime is not frightened by how many legal skills or how much knowledge we have. The evil is frightened by our determination and righteousness. Any obstacles or interference that try to block UK practitioners bringing Jiang to justice are actually just more chances to clarify the truth and expose the evil. Nothing can stop us completing our vital task of bringing Jiang to justice in the hearts and minds of all people in the UK.

Since a young age I have always been good at writing letters and after beginning Fa-Rectification cultivation, I have tried to take every opportunity to make use of these skills and save sentient beings. I decided that these skills that have been given to me by the Fa are also the perfect way for me to let people know about Jiang’s crimes and the worldwide call to bring the dictator to justice.

The first people I planned to write to were those who work in the legal field. However, as soon as I decided to begin this project I developed the symptoms of a heavy flu. All my bones were aching and I was sick with no energy to do anything. I had read about practitioners who went to the Chicago Chinese embassy to support the launch of the lawsuit against jiang - they developed the same illness symptoms. I realised that the old forces really wanted to stop me from keeping up with Fa-Rectification and stop me from exposing the evil crimes of their representative in the human world. After a day of suffering and sending forth righteous thoughts, I sat at the computer still feeling terrible and very weak. I went to a Dafa website and I remembered another practitioner had recently shared with me the importance of reading articles detailing the persecution of practitioners in China. I read several of them. Jiang’s crimes truly became a reality. I read about a lady who lost everything – her baby, family, job and home – just because she practised Falun Dafa. My suffering really seemed so tiny next to what the practitioners in China have endured. From reading these articles I became determined to write this letter whether I felt ill or not. The illness symptoms disappeared almost instantly.

I worked together with another practitioner to create an information pack and cover letter to send to lawyers, law societies and university law departments throughout the UK. Although at this time UK Falun Gong practitioners had not made any plans to launch a lawsuit against the Chinese dictator, I realised that we do not have to wait for this to happen before we can start to let people know about Jiang’s crimes and the harm he has done to people all over the world. Actually, for every sentient being who truly sees the evil nature of Jiang and holds bringing him to justice in the right place in their hearts, evil elements are cleared away making the path for our UK lawsuit clear of interference and unrighteous elements. If everyone in the UK had already brought Jiang to Justice in the courts of their own heart and conscience, bringing Jiang to justice in the UK court of law would be a natural and inevitable manifestation. As we are all aware, practitioners do not concentrate on the result, but instead focus on the process. In the process of letting all sentient beings stand on the side of Dafa and position themselves correctly in this global campaign, the result – a lawsuit in the courts of the UK – would naturally arise.

Recently, I was asked to write a letter to clarify the truth to leaders of many UK businesses who may be investing in China. During this period, when the Fa of the cosmos is being directly attacked by evil beings, China is the big stage. Businesses that invest in China are directly funding the evil dictator’s campaign of Genocide and are directly supporting the persecution. In this letter I wanted to help businesses see the truth and stop their evil deeds by telling them about the atrocities that have taken place in China over the last four years. I realised that the best way to let them see the truth and side with goodness is to tell them about the momentous global lawsuit that has been launched against the Chinese dictator. For people such as businessmen, who tend to think in official and concrete terms, the global lawsuit against Jiang Zemin truly is a compassionate and merciful arrangement. They no longer have to trust the words of a practitioner who clarifies the truth to them to understand the true nature of this horrific persecution; they now have official proof of the truly abhorrent nature of Jiang’s crimes through the launch of legal action.

However, there was one thought that I could not get out of my mind: “I don’t know anything about business – they won’t want to read my letter!” I was thinking about finance and economy and felt that for these people to learn the truth, I had to write to them about business and include the truth about Dafa in a business letter. I could not think of how to do this. Later, I read “Explaining the Fa During the 2003 Lantern Festival at the U.S. West Fa Conference”. Someone asked a question about clarifying the truth to high-level government officials and Master told us the following:

“In clarifying the truth, don’t pay any attention to the other person’s social status, and don’t have some sort of concept—first and foremost they’re people, and they all have a chance to choose their own futures. No matter what his occupation, first and foremost he needs to have a future, and that’s the most important thing for any person.”

I realised that this also applied to the situation I was facing. After studying the Fa, I sat down to write the letter with only one aim in mind – I wanted to let the businessmen who read this letter see the truth, stand on the side of Dafa and be saved. I felt that my true self was writing the letter and my wisdom was able to come forth. The letter that I wrote did have elements that were very suitable for businessmen. This is because the starting point for my true self is Compassion, so when I wrote from this starting point, I naturally took into account my intended audience and clarified the truth in a way that is suitable for them and easy for them to relate with. All of my previous worries and notions about how to clarify the truth to business people had actually been interfering and humanly restraining my cultivated side from validating the Fa. When I was able to truly eliminate these human thoughts, it was just as Master told us in “Expounding on the Fa”: “Your enlightened, original nature will automatically know what to do.”

After the letter was sent out, we had a large and varied reaction. Some companies got in touch to say that they support us and offer their best wishes; one well-known businessman even telephoned to offer encouragement and practical advice on what we should do next. Even companies who said they have no business interest in China offered their support and some even forwarded the letter on to other companies, truly acting as a form of one-on-one media and spreading the truth. Some companies replied by reiterating the propaganda they had been fed by Jiang’s evil regime. However, we could see that this was really their true side wanting to be saved – they actually told us the specific lies that were preventing them from having a positive view of Dafa, so that we can reply and let them know the truth in a more detailed and specific way.

The global lawsuit against Jiang Zemin is a unique and precious opportunity for us to clarify the truth to groups of people who we may not have been able to reach before. I hope all practitioners can truly grasp this wonderful chance to save sentient beings and make this important step in Fa-Rectification. Let us work together to expose the real head of the evil in the world for what he is. Let us call upon every member of the media and the public all over the world, through each of their own unique roles in society, to bring Jiang Zemin to justice with the sense of righteousness and conscience in their own hearts.

Thank you.

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