Cultivate Xinxing At All Times (UK Fa-conference 2003)

Below are some of my experiences in my cultivation practise, which I would like to share with all of you. I expect you to kindly point out anything inappropriate in my sharing.

In Master’s poem “Dafa Clears Up Confusion”, He said:

“All things throughout ages, like fleeting smoke and passing clouds,
Bewilder ordinary human heart;
The reason why the vast heaven and earth were born,
Baffles all sentient beings’ wisdom.”

(Unofficial Translation)

Every time I think of this poem, I feel overwhelmed by inexplicable emotions and heartfelt gratitude. I feel as if I have witnessed the formation, stasis, degeneration and destruction of countless dimensions of the cosmos, and realise from the very bottom of my heart how lucky I have been to be able to be a disciple of our great Master, happily and steadfastly walking on a path towards my original, true self. In

His poem “Genuine Cultivation”, Master said,

“With Zhen-Shan-Ren in heart,
Falun Dafa succeeds;
Constantly cultivating xinxing,
Consummation is wonderful without bounds.”

(Unofficial translation)

His words have clearly pointed out the direction in which we need to go.

1. Cultivating xinxing whilst clarifying the truth

Since obtaining the Fa, I have benefited both physically and mentally, and have experienced the beauty of Dafa. I feel a great urge to let more sentient beings share what I have experienced. Promoting Dafa and truth-clarification have become my life and a part of my being and make me feel completely at ease.

In the ordinary human society, people are divided into different social classes, professions, races, genders and age groups. However, in the great Fa, they are all sentient beings, and every one of them needs to be given a chance. When I see street-performers, I would give them a leaflet, hoping that, having got this opportunity to understand the truth of Dafa, they will in the future be able to sing songs to praise Dafa. When I see workers collecting rubbish, I also give them a leaflet without the slightest hesitation. I hope they could read it carefully, and am always ready to answer any questions they may have for me.

In the ordinary human society, there are all kinds of people. When we distribute truth-clarifying materials, some people will not accept our leaflets, and some Chinese people even exhibit irrational and bizarre behaviour. Having constantly improved through cultivation, I no longer allow myself to be affected by such things and I also avoid making definitive comments on them. At the same time, I make sure I search my own heart to examine whether I have got attachments or bad thoughts that I need to get rid of using righteous thoughts. Of course, sometimes we may also meet people who would praise us for our work. Actually, this is a test and a tribulation for us. Compliments from others cannot help us upgrade. On the contrary, they can drag us downwards. In fact, the divine light that comes from genuine cultivators is silently but truly shining over all sentient beings. This is beyond words.

Truth-clarification work is covers everything and has many different forms. An inexhaustive list of things that I can think of at the moment would include maintaining databases, sorting out materials, running websites, writing articles, running newspapers, TV and other media, clarifying the truth to governments and NGOs, and contacting embassies, etc. During this Fa-rectification period, every practitioner is involved in such work to a certain extent. I realise that only when we keep reminding ourselves of the importance of cultivating our xinxing, can we do our work well and achieve a good effect. I often do is maintain databases and sort out materials. There were occasions when I’ve worked on this from 7am to 2am the next morning. Normally, I would arrange my time so that I can study the Fa and practise the exercises while I take a break from my Fa-rectification work. When I am doing such work, I try to maintain righteous thoughts and make sure any bad thoughts that emerge in my mind are eliminated immediately, so that my heart can become calm and serene. When I do this, I can feel my efficiency improving dramatically. When I see photographs in the materials I have collected, I hope from the bottom of my heart that the people in the photos will get to know the truth about Dafa and obtain the Fa some day. How fortunate they are to have reincarnated into human beings in the Fa-rectification period! When I got to know that some Chinese people had begun practising cultivation after receiving truth-clarifying emails, my pleasure and happiness were unparalleled.

On 4th November last year, my fiancée Yongjie was secretly arrested in Beijing by China’s Ministry of National Security. The direct cause of this unfortunate incident was that our telephone conversation had been tapped by the Ministry of National Security. The Ministry wanted to know more about my situation and they also wanted to “transform” Yongjie and make other determined Dafa disciples falter in their righteous belief. Before Yongjie was arrested, her local police station refused to give her a passport because she didn’t want to give up practising Falun Dafa. During the 3 months’ after her disappearance, no one knew what had happened to her. Her mother travelled 3700 kilometres all the way from Urumqi to Beijing to find her, but failed. Later, in our urgent family rescue project, UK practitioners acted as one body and cooperated very well, achieving very positive results. Through close cooperation among practitioners, we managed to find out on 9th February this year that Yongjie had been illegally imprisoned in Beijing Daxing Women’s Labour Camp. In order to rescue her, some practitioners helped design display boards and signature forms, some solicited signatures in cities and towns all over Britain, some contacted the media, some talked to MPs, and some composed songs and dances, etc, etc. Our telephone team and mailing team kept contacting Beijing Daxing Women’s Labour Camp, where Yongjie was kept, to clarify the truth to policemen there. And the TV team is making a film on rescuing Yongjie. The efforts made by practitioners touched a professional playwright who doesn’t practise. She spent her time writing a play for us and asked for nothing in return.

Our cooperation and one-body effort has made a great impact in China, enabling those at the labour camp who have been persecuting Yongjie hear voices of justice from the international community, and shocking the Ministry of National Security. Outside China, our effort has let more people understand the truth of Dafa, and has encouraged many of them to provide help to Yongjie in various forms.

In the process of cooperating with other practitioners, I have eliminated the fear of not being understood by others, and the fear of having difficulties in cooperating with certain practitioners. At the same time, I have found that many notions in my mind have been broken. The determination and wisdom that many practitioners have developed through Dafa cultivation have deeply touched me. For example, practitioners in Cambridge go to the town centre to clarify the truth and collect petition signatures every day, and almost everyone in Cambridge has got to know the truth. As Cambridge is a famous tourist attraction, tourists who get to know the truth can then spread the truth all over the world. I have learned a lot and have been tempered in the one-body of practitioners.

2. Cultivating xinxing in sending forth righteous thoughts

In the process of Fa-rectification, Master told us the Fa principles about sending forth righteous thoughts, and also gave us the powerful formulas. Sending forth righteous thoughts is so sacred and solemn, it’s a rare honour bestowed upon us by our Master. One battle after another has been fought between good and evil in the cosmos, and has shaken and purified the colossal firmament. With the Fa-rectification process pushing forward every second, we are required to send forth really powerful righteous thoughts. To do well in sending forth righteous thoughts, we must study the Fa well on a day to day basis, and we must do a good job in clarifying the truth. At the same time, we need to cultivate our xinxing when sending forth righteous thoughts.

In most cases, I can send forth righteous thoughts without any interference. I would feel the powerful energy field and gong eliminating the evil, cleaning up many dimensions. However, sometimes, my mind is not clean enough, and bad thoughts keep emerging. When that happens, I strengthen my main consciousness and correct any bad thoughts immediately. When I do that, my mind can calm down again and I can then send forth righteous thoughts with determination.

When sending forth righteous thoughts, we cannot allow our hearts to be affected by what we see or encounter in other dimensions. This is very important. I have found it hard to get rid of my attachment of curiosity. Although I have enlightened to the fact that the cosmos is simply too vast and diverse, sometimes I still find myself affected inside. Even reactions like admiration are low-level thoughts which practitioners should not have.

Master said in the book Falun Gong, “A cultivator’s attachments manifest differently, such as in his pursuing a particular supernormal ability, his indulging in a certain vision, his obsessing over a certain phenomenon, and so on.” I realise that any attachment cannot be accepted and taken for granted. Master will use every opportunity to help disciples eliminate their attachments. Only through constant improvement in cultivation can we become purer and more determined in send forth righteous thoughts.

3. Cultivating xinxing in studying the Fa

Studying the Fa is of utmost important to every Dafa disciple. Only through studying the Fa can we wash off the dirt that has accumulated in ourselves over the long history of the cosmos. Only through studying the Fa can we assimilate to the Fa and cultivate ourselves into the new cosmos.

In His article entitled “No politics”, Master said, “Human society is a good place for cultivation, since everything here can lead to attachments. Precisely because of this, a person who is able to step out of it and get rid of all his attachments to human society is magnificent and is able to reach Consummation.” (Essentials for Further Advancement II) If Master hadn’t taught us the Fa, it would be simply impossible for us to achieve the Right Fruit or to reach Consummation and return to where we belong. When the cosmos is going through a period of degeneration and destruction, beings have deviated further and further away from the characteristics of the cosmos. Soaked in emotion in the Three Realms and burdened with karma created in the human society, it is unthinkable for us to get anywhere without the guidance from Dafa.

When we improve in Dafa cultivation, we are eliminating such bad substances. And they will put up a last-ditch struggle and do whatever they can do to interfere with our Fa-study. The most common trick they play is to manipulate our time. They pile up bad substances in order to lower our efficiency; they cause a lot of troublesome things to happen all at the same time. But when we are determined in studying the Fa, their tricks will no longer be effective.

Another trick that they often use is to let various thoughts emerge in our minds when we are studying the Fa. If I fail to eliminate such thoughts immediately, I will read several lines in the book without putting my heart into it. As a result, I have to read the few lines all over again. I realised that if we try hard to eliminate all kinds of thoughts and keep a clear mind, and if we follow the mechanisms Master has created for us to study the Fa, we can guarantee a good effect in our Fa study.

When I am trapped in a tribulation, I force myself to study the Fa, because I know only Dafa can break all barriers. Though going through tribulations, I can still calm down and empty my mind very quickly to concentrate on reading the Fa. My experience has proved again and again that, after reading the Fa attentively, the tribulations that I have experienced will be resolved very quickly. This has proved that the Fa is supernatural.

To guarantee we study the Fa well, we also need to strictly follow the standards of a Dafa disciple in our work and daily life, so that we can keep a calm mind.

A final remark: Let us combine the three things that are required of all Dafa disciples in the Fa-rectification period, namely studying the Fa, clarifying the truth and sending forth righteous thoughts, with intelligence and wisdom; Let us cultivate our xinxing at all times so that we live up to the glorious title of “Dafa disciples”.

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