Falun Dafa Practitioners Endure Horrific Electrocutions

While I was detained in a labour camp in Hubei Province, a fellow practitioner told me about the following incidents that he had witnessed.

The first incident is about how Beijing police viciously struck female Falun Dafa practitioners' genitals with electric batons. On April 24th, 2001, three female Falun Dafa practitioners from a city in Hubei Province went to Beijing to appeal. While they were peacefully appealing in Tiananmen Square, they were apprehended by plainclothes police. Those cruel scoundrels had no sense of humanity; they struck the faces, arms, backs, and legs of the women with electric batons. These practitioners' bodies became black and blue all over. The scoundrels also shoved an electric baton down the shirt of one practitioner and shocked her back until her entire back down to her legs turned black and blue. You could hardly find a good patch of skin. A layer of blisters had formed on another practitioner's lips after they were burnt from electric shocks. Furthermore, she had to endure having both of her hands cuffed behind her back and having each of her ten fingers pricked with needles. The third practitioner also had wounds all over her body.

What makes this incident all the more cruel is that these evildoers used their electric batons to ruthlessly beat the lower parts of the three women's bodies, causing bloody, inflamed, and blistering wounds throughout a large area of their genital regions. Their wounds were terrible to look at. The three practitioners were illegally sentenced to a labor camp and are presently still being imprisoned in Hubei Province.

In another incident, there was a policeman who, after catching a practitioner, pressed an electric baton firmly onto the practitioner's body and kept it there for a long time. He was basically using his electric baton as an iron. As the practitioner's skin was being burnt and scorched, it emitted a putrid odor that was irritating to the nose.


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