Elderly Practitioner Murdered by Police using Electric Baton on her Heart area

A Follow-Up Report on the Murder Case in Shouguang, Weifang, Shandong Province

In June 2001, a severe act of persecution was undertaken against Falun Gong practitioners. During this incident, two Falun Gong practitioners were brutally tortured to death and many others were severely injured in Shouguang City, Shandong Province.

Witnesses state: "On June 7th, practitioner Wang Lanxiang, (female, who was over 60 years old), was being repeatedly shocked with an electric baton the whole afternoon. As she refused to renounce her faith in Falun Gong, the guards lost their senses and decided to use a different baton. This baton was more lethal; it was as thick as a wrist and delivered a higher voltage so as to cause more damage to the victim. They then used this baton on the area of her heart. She died instantly." After this incident police immediately took her body to be cremated in order to cover up their atrocious crimes.

After Wang's body was taken to the funeral parlour, her son was only allowed to view her corpse from a distance. While he was protesting the cremation of his mother's body, the guards forcefully pushed Wang's corpse into the furnace.

On the day that the funeral service was held, the city's entire police force was present. According to the villagers, police cars were everywhere and over one thousand policemen were monitoring the funeral. These actions show just how scared the police were of having their illegal actions exposed.


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