Falun Dafa Practitioners’ Experiences in Turkey

Falun Dafa Practitioners’ Experiences in Turkey
Part 2

After August 27th, we, practitioners, who are presently in Turkey continued our work to help to spread the Fa (principles of Falun Gong). For instance, we met regularly in a park to do group exercises. Because of the exercises, more and more local people became aware of Falun Dafa. They began to do the exercises with us. After the third or fourth day police patrols came by. They were new officers who had not yet seen the exercises. They became agitated and called for reinforcements. At that time I was sitting next to a Turkish citizen who had already learned the exercises and understood the spirit of Falun Dafa. When the police officers spoke to me, this Turkish man intervened on my behalf, came to my aid and asked the police what could be so terrible about the exercises, saying, ‘ Those who do them are good people; the exercises are good for people and give them great benefits, do only help them.’ I saw how this citizen intervened for Falun Dafa, how he stood up to the police, and how he defended Dafa with his good heart. At that very moment I knew that the Turkish people are on the threshold of accepting Dafa, and that there are Turkish citizens who will keep to Falun Dafa, even without the aid of practitioners from abroad. In the end, the police chief looked me over carefully once more and told me not to display huge placards and posters; but doing the exercises in the park will not be a problem. We exchanged glances and I recognized a good-hearted and contrite policeman.

During the next few days we managed to establish a core exercise group. That was one reason why we put together several copies of the English translation of “Falun Gong.” We also created over 100 copies of the exercise Video-CD, so making it easier for people who are interested in Falun Gong to learn and repeat the exercises. We were delighted that we could hand these materials to the new practitioners. A Turkish practitioner found a translator to soon help with the translation of “Falun Gong” and “Zhuan Falun.”

On Saturday we met for group exercises. We could definitely tell that we have a solid group of people. Some of those suggested on their own to meet at 6:30am every morning for group exercises. Another practitioner suggested likewise that we ought to do the exercises at a different location every weekend, because many people come by these places to jog; that way more people would see us. Once again the Turkish people have grasped the initiative to do more for Dafa. The spirit of Falun Dafa is taking root in Turkey. Many Turks have awaited Dafa.

On Monday we had access to the Turkish parliament where we had a chance to meet with the Turkish parliamentary director of human rights affairs. We painted a true picture for him of the human rights abuses under Jiang Zemin’s regime, told him of the brutalities during the persecution, about the unlawful measures taken by Jiang Zemin’s government. He listened to us with an open heart. He realized immediately that the persecution and torture are unlawful and seemed to also have recognized that the persecuted practitioners who were present with us displayed their true and upright hearts. He promised to look into the matter and will make it a point to raise the issue in parliament soon. We can truly say that he understood the Fa (principles of Falun Gong). He even invited us to teach him and his family the exercises in the near future. For that, we left him comprehensive materials for learning the exercises.

A Practitioner from Germany
September 4, 2001

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