Record of the June 20th Atrocity: Follow-up Report on the Mass Killings in Wanjia Labor Camp in Harbin City, China

On June 18, 2001, the Wanjia forced-labor camp illegally organized an "extended detention meeting" for female Falun Gong practitioners in the dining hall of Team No. 9. At that time, the practitioners' files had been submitted to the provincial government but no reply had come yet. The terms of 20 Falun Gong practitioners from Team No. 7 and 12 were extended for another year, and the real reason for their extended detention was that they refused to be brainwashed, even though they had been detained for around 20 months. The evil atmosphere of the meeting was intense. Twenty women were tied up, hands behind their backs, each restrained by a male and a female guard on either side. It seemed as if they were sending these practitioners to be executed.

Right after the mental persecution ended, the physical torture began. This fact proves that this was a systematic, planned, large-scale assault on the Falun Gong practitioners.

Ten Dafa practitioners who had been detained beyond their illegal prison terms, plus another five practitioners (Ms. Yang Xiuli, Zuo Xiuyun, Gao Shuyan, Wang Fang, Chen Yali) who protested against this illegal extension of terms, were sent to small cells directly from the meeting place. Such "small cells" were built especially for Falun Gong practitioners in October 2000. The policeman Li Min from Team No. 9 stood behind the Falun Gong women, bound their hands with black nylon rope, pulled them up and gradually raised them until their toes were off the ground. The practitioners were not allowed to use the washroom, nor could they be released for meals. Two criminals were told to feed them as the police wildly shouted, "We will punish you until you obey us!"

During the first 20 hours' in which the practitioners were kept hanging-- from noon of September 18 to the morning of September 19--policeman Li Min not only kept cursing them with dirty words, but also pulled Ms. Yang Xiuli's hair and slammed her head against the wall 3 or 4 times. Ms. Yang had asked for many times to use the washroom but was refused. Finally, she could not help but urinate on the ground. Policewoman Wu Baoyun took the mop that was soaked with urine and wiped it on Yang Xiuli's face and mouth and kept swearing at her. By this time, Ms. Yang had passed out and was lowered to the ground. How can the police treat an unconscious woman so disrespectfully?

Policeman Li Min grabbed another female practitioner's breasts, then tickled her breast and both sides of her body for his own amusement. How could a people's policeman behave like an animal in broad daylight? In order to avoid further humiliation, that practitioner agreed to observe the regulations of the labor camp and was sent back to her cell. According to sources, the administrative section of Wanjia Labor camp had decided in a meeting to imitate Masanjia Labor Camp and order the raping of determined Falun Gong women, but had not yet fully carried this out.
At this time, a total of 15 female practitioners were hung in small cells: Zhu Chunrong, Zhang Chunrong, Zhao Yayun, Li Xiuqin, Pan Xuanhua, Zhang Yuhua, Sun Jie, Hao Yunzhu, Yang Xiuli, Gao Shuyan, Wang Fang, Chen Yali, Zuo Xiuyun, Han Shaoqin and Xu Lihua. When these practitioners were hung up, policeman Li Min shocked many of them until they became black and blue all over their bodies.

When the practitioners were tortured in small cells, Zhu Chunrong asked to talk to Team Leader Wu Jinying but was turned down. Wu's attitude and words were very vicious. Later the director of the labor camp, Shi Yingbai, came to the small cells to check and told the female guards, "Well-done, carry on!" A female guard called Ma Xiaoqian (21, was transferred from Dongfeng prison to Wanjia Labor Camp) told practitioners in other cells that if they still refused to obey, they would be sent to small cells and punished with torture instruments until they gave up.

By the morning of June 20, 2001, these practitioners had been hung for nearly 40 hours and they were close to death.
According to the news that was delivered through the strict information blockade, three practitioners were confirmed to have passed away in this "June 20 Tragedy in Wanjia Labor Camp." They were:

Zhang Yulan (Mishan City, Heilongjiang Province, 56)
Li Xiuqin (retired employee of Food Bureau in Jixi City, 61)
Zhao Yayun (Lequn County subdivision of Shuancheng City, Chinese Communist Party member, 54)

Another 8 practitioners were sent to the hospital of Wanjia Labor Camp for emergency treatment and one of them didn't regain consciousness until 5 days later. The practitioners who survived this tragedy all had physical injuries, stiff bodies and loss of memory to different extents. They are:

Gao Shuyan (employee of Cement Factory in Harbin, 32)
Shao Ying (Livestock Bureau of Mishan City, 33)
Xu Lihua (retired employee of Timber Mill in Shuancheng City, 54)
Wang Fang (resident of Mudanjiang City, 42)
Sun Jie (resident of Yilan City, 43)
Zhang Yuhua (resident of Shuancheng City, 51)
Yang Xiuli (Ethylene General Factory, 33)
Hao Yuzhu (retired employee of Coal Mine of Jixi City, 52)

Another 4 practitioners, including Zuo Xiuyun, Han Shaoqin and Chen Yali were not so seriously injured and thus were sent to small cells directly. In order to block the news that those Dafa practitioners were killed, the injured practitioners were sent directly to small cells that were cramped and stuffy, even before they had a chance to completely recover. This is the most "humane" place that Chinese labor camps provide to Falun Gong practitioners for rest!

It was said that in order to block the news, Wanjia Labor Camp had not allowed practitioners' families to visit them since June 20, and even now more than a dozen practitioners are detained in small cells.

All kind-hearted Chinese people, such evil state facilities are used to torture and kill innocent people on a large scale, simply for insisting on their beliefs. Is this the "the period of the best human rights record" to which Jiang Zemin keeps referring?

Falun Dafa practitioners hope to wake up the people of the world at the cost of their lives: Coercion cannot change people's hearts. The struggle to suppress kindness with evil deeds will end up in failure.

Reported by Falun Dafa practitioners from mainland China
August 22, 2001

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