A Call to the Media

A Call to the Media

By a Swedish practitioner

Somtetimes it is with pain and grief in my heart I read and see your reports on the subject of Falun Gong. Please be aware of the angle you put into your reports on Falun Gong. Are you using the same words as the Chinese government? Then you are giving out the misleading and corrupted propaganda of Jiang Zemin and his group to the world. A country that has received the gold medal in crimes against human rights from Amnesty International, a regime whose dictatorship doesn’t allow other opinions than their own and who knock down all other opinions with reckless violence. Millions of Falun Gong practitioners do not have the chance to express their opinion as the regime think it has the exclusive right to the so- called truth.

China is ruled by a gang of people who persecute, torture and murder people for their beliefs. When I watch programmes, listen to the news or read newspapers where I can hear their words, I can really see how the Chinese people at the embassy and the consulates in my country are rubbing their hands with delight.

We are not against anything except the evil that wants to destroy what is truthful, benevolent and tolerant and that doesn’t let people believe in what they want and what they have in their hearts! But you seem to be against goodness when you use their words and the more you go ahead with that, the more people will die in China! Because of their belief! Here in the West we have the right to believe in what we want, but in this country it is the media that is the executioner.

We would be grateful if you instead made serious programmes that are based upon respect for each others’ thoughts and I really do hope that you will make such a programme on Falun Gong. We are not afraid of talking about different subjects but we are grateful if you don’t drag us down into the mud.

The most important goal for us is to cultivate our heart and mind and to become truthful, benevolent and tolerant; qualities all societies gain from. If we have a certain spiritual approach in certain questions, it does not influence our contact with others since we are striving towards being compassionate, truthful and tolerant with other living beings, in respect with and for all life.

To wish to follow Li Hongzhi’s principles /Truthfulness/Compassion/Tolerance and the will to cultivate him or herself according to these characteristics, is as little sectarian as it is to read the Bible and follow that or to be part of a politician’s programmme of action. Everybody believes what is closest to the heart of that person. To angle things to the language of the Chinese propaganda, that Falun Gong is ruled by a person that hungers for power is precisely serving the aim of the Chinese regime. It is sad to say, but since the whole world is governed by hunger for power, you believe that everybody is the same, but there are in fact people here on earth who are more interested in spiritual enlightenment than wordly power.

I think everyone has to look within him or herself whose purpose are you giving voice to, are you on the good side or are you on the side of evil?

Serious journalism isn’t handled in the way you have proved to, but I do hope there will be improvement concerning this issue. Meanwhile more people are dying out of cruel torture and you have put an end to many people’s future support of us, in terms of being friends of Falun Gong by helping us to stop the killing and the terrible and cruel suffering that is going on in China. Many small children are, for example, left at home with no one to look after them since both parents are put into jail or detention camps or perhaps even killed. Go ahead and see for yourself what happens over there and you will understand what I mean. Give us time as well in a programme to be able to talk about Falun Gong in a respectful manner, give us time to talk about different issues and a chance to explain what Falun Gong stands for in a spiritual sense and perspective.

With Best Regards

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